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Horizon Zero Dawn Leaves PS Plus, Hinting At Incoming Remaster

PlayStation might be announcing a Horizon Zero Dawn Remake/Remaster soon after it removes the game from PS Plus.

Horizon Forbidden West: PC Player Base Down 50% Over Predecessor

Horizon Forbidden West is finally out today, and the game has managed to gather around only 25k players on Steam.

Horizon Forbidden West Fails To Break Into Steam Best-Sellers Before Launch

Horizon Forbidden West is coming out in just two days, but the game is nowhere to be found on Steam's top sellers.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Requirements Hint At Optimized Port

PlayStation has revealed Horizon Forbidden West system requirements, suggesting a well-optimized PC port at last.

Horizon Forbidden West Studio Lost 10% of Developers In Recent Layoffs

The Horizon Forbidden West developer, Guerrilla Games, was affected by the recent layoffs, and it lost 10% of its employees.

Horizon Forbidden West PC Port Arrives 21st March

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition has received a new trailer for its PC port, confirming a 21 March release date.

Horizon Forbidden West: Nvidia Confirms DLSS 3 On PC

Nvidia has confirmed that the PC port of Horizon Forbidden West will launch with DLSS 3 technology this year.

Horizon MMO Targeting PC & Mobile Platforms; Uses Unreal Engine 5

The long-rumored Horizon MMORPG appears to be using Unreal Engine 5, with NCSoft hoping to release the game on PC and mobile platforms.

Horizon Zero Dawn Is PlayStation’s Best-Selling PC Port; 3.3 Million Sold

The sales of Sony's PC ports have been leaked online, with Horizon Zero Dawn leading the chart with over 3.3 million sales.

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