Horizon Zero Dawn Leaves PS Plus, Hinting At Incoming Remaster

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Previous Leaks Pointed to A Remaster From PlayStation!

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  • Horizon Zero Dawn might be getting a remake/remaster soon.
  • This is due to existing reports and the game’s upcoming removal from PS Plus.
  • PlayStation may have removed the game to push users toward the upcoming re-release.

The Horizon franchise stands as one of PlayStation’s biggest exclusives. Both games in the series have garnered widespread acclaim from fans worldwide, cultivating dedicated fanbases in the process.

Today, it’s been over seven years since the inception of the series with Horizon Zero Dawn. Reliable sources have pointed to a remaster of this title for a while, and more evidence has supported these claims recently.

Why it matters: PlayStation has gained a reputation for re-releasing its biggest IPs one too many times.

I guess hzd is leaving….
byu/Melodic_Cake_3344 inPlayStationPlus

Horizon Zero Dawn is being removed from PS Plus on May 21st, as discovered by a Redditor.

This move could suggest that PlayStation intends to redirect attention towards an upcoming remake/remaster of the game, potentially aiming to maximize profits, with Sony pushing users toward buying the new version.

If this is true, we may hear news about the potential Horizon Zero Dawn re-release soon. Speculation regarding the nature of the project leans more towards a remaster at this point.

In our opinion, there isn’t much of a need for a remake or a remaster. This is because the game still looks like a modern release, and other PlayStation games, like Bloodborne, could use this treatment far more.

However, if a re-release is indeed coming, we hope this is not all the series has to offer for many years, like Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn Was PlayStation’s Biggest New IP Last Generation

There has been no official confirmation of a remake or remaster for the game so far. However, with a PlayStation Showcase expected by the end of this month, we believe the reports will be confirmed soon enough.

The Horizon franchise does appear to have a promising future, with multiple projects in development. An online game within the franchise has been in development for over six years, hinting at ambitious plans for the series.

Moreover, Guerrilla Games has confirmed the development of a sequel to Horizon Forbidden West, signalling ongoing investment in expanding the franchise. They have also stated that they plan to continue the franchise for a long time, so it seems that we have yet to discover the true essence of the Horizon universe.

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