Hi-Fi Rush New DLC Hinted In Recent Steam Achievements

10 New Achievements!

Hi-Fi Rush was flooded with positive reviews at launch, and it quickly became the fifth best-selling game on Steam in January. As such, Tango Gameworks’ latest title has become a huge success, despite being a shadow drop.

Following the game’s success, fans have been anticipating the future of the franchise, but the developers have remained silent. However, an update on SteamDB has hinted towards a new DLC for Hi-Fi Rush.

Why it matters: Hi-Fi Rush was a critical success with over 2 million players. Many players have enjoyed the game’s vibrant art style and the rhythmic combat.

Hi-Fi Rush Image

According to SteamDB, 10 new achievements have been added to Hi-Fi Rush. 

These achievements are currently stated as TBA, which may be a hint at more content for the game. While the DLC has not been announced, Tango Gameworks could add an extra game mode to the title.

It is also possible that the developer expands on the game with new story content, but that remains to be seen.

The discovery of new achievements already has many fans excited. Hi-Fi Rush is among the best new IPs in 2023, and new content will likely be well-received by gaming audiences. Xbox is also set to host the Xbox Games Showcase on June 11, so an announcement for future content will most likely be made at the event.

Would you like to return to the game? Let’s discuss this in the comments below.

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