Hi-Fi Rush Is Already A Massive Hit With Very Positive Steam Reviews

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Huge Hit For Tango Gameworks And Xbox

Earlier this week, a reliable leaker pointed toward Hi-Fi Rush being revealed at the Xbox Developer Direct. With little reason to doubt the leaker, many were looking forward to the new game from Tango Gameworks.

However, Microsoft exceeded expectations. Tango Gameworks showed several minutes of gameplay but also announced that Hi-Fi Rush will be available for Xbox and PC users right after the Developer Direct.

Hi-Fi Rush is now available and appears to have already become a massive hit on Steam.

Hi-Fi Rush Steam Reviews

Hi-Fi Rush currently has over 300 reviews on Steam, many of which are very positive. The game has only two negative reviews on Steam, hinting at the fantastic reception for Tango Gameworks’ latest release.

The new rhythm-based action game has a stylized aesthetic that appeals to audiences. Previously, games like Guilty Gear Strive have garnered praise for their cell-shaded art style, and Hi-Fi Rush delivers an equally pleasing visual experience.

Reviews have praised many aspects of the game, like its engaging combat system. Many have even compared it to genre-defining action games like Devil May Cry with a rhythm-based approach.

Users are also pleasantly surprised at the sudden release from Tango Gameworks. As stated earlier, the game had already been leaked, and an appearance at the Xbox Developer Direct was not unexpected. However, a shadow drop from Microsoft has pleased many PC users.

Hi-Fi Rush follows the story of a wannabe rockstar Chai, who goes against an evil corporation. The new release provides an excellent aesthetic, a fun combat system, and a charming narrative that has captured many audiences, as evident by the Steam reviews.

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