HBO Max Reportedly Working On Hogwarts Legacy TV Show

TV Adaptation After The Game's Success!

Hogwarts Legacy has become a monumental release in the initial part of 2023. Before its release, the Harry Potter game broke into the best-sellers for nearly every platform and saw over 500K concurrent players on Steam.

Recently, Warner Bros. Games claimed to be delighted with Hogwarts Legacy’s post-launch performance, and the company might be looking to take things further with a potential TV show. 

As reported by Giant Freakin Robot, a Hogwarts Legacy TV show is in early development at HBO Max, taking place before the events of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. 

Hogwarts Legacy

The report claims that Warner Bros was disappointed with Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore and contemplated entirely shifting away from Harry Potter adaptations on the big screen. 

However, Hogwarts Legacy’s success has shown that fans worldwide are still fond of the franchise, and this might be the perfect opportunity to revive Harry Potter through another adaptation. 

Warner Bros may have also been inspired by the recent TV adaptation of PlayStation’s The Last of Us. Reception for Naughty Dog’s story on TV has been fantastic, and it has managed to captivate audiences that were never fans of the franchise before the TV show. 

While Hogwarts Legacy continues to dominate the gaming industry, the title has been surrounded by controversy regarding JK Rowling’s past statements. This led to a boycott of the game, with a developer joining the movement

However, the outrage has done little to impact sales and reception for the game. Across the board, Hogwarts Legacy has received phenomenal reviews with an equally impressive sales record. 

The Harry Potter franchise is no stranger to winning the hearts of millions of audiences worldwide, and Hogwarts Legacy’s success could pave a new wave of success for the long-running franchise. 

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