Valve Revealed Steam Sale Calendar For 2023

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Steam Sale Calendar For Rest of The Year!

Valve has now revealed the schedule for all upcoming sales and ‘Steam Fests’ for 2023, which will take place this year.

Links to the documentation (which contains more details and selection criteria) are included in the calendar below. Interested developers can join up and start introducing discounts for almost all events. On the Steamworks Offer Approvals page, you can see upcoming events and which games are eligible to participate in each one.

Steam Seasonal sales:

Seasonal events are held across Steam four times a year. All games that have been released can participate in these sales with a discount.

Steam Themed Sale Festivals:

These festivals have specific selection criteria and are intended to spotlight a particular genre of games. Discounted titles are prioritized during these events, but there is also room for free games, upcoming releases, and demos.

If you’re a developer and haven’t decided yet to enter this event, that’s okay. Because eight weeks before each event, Valve will send email notifications reminders to title developers eligible to participate in events.

Steam Next Fest:

Steam Next Fest is an event held three times a year where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn about games coming soon to Steam. Developers can get player feedback and grow an audience for a future Steam release by participating in Steam’s Next Fest.

The long waited February 2023 edition of Steam’s Next Fest is happening. Valve has announced and opened registration for the next two editions as part of this full schedule announcement. For additional information, Visit Steam Next Fest Documentation.

Steam Festival and Sale Calendar for 2023
  1. Mystery Festival: from February 20 to 27.
  2. Puzzle Festival: from April 24 to May 1.
  3. Spring sales: from March 16 to 23 (Seasonal sales).
  4. Sports Festival: from May 15 to 22.
  5. Next Fest: from June 19 to 26.
  6. Summer sales: from June 29 to July 13 (Seasonal sales).
  7. Stealth Festival: from July 24 to 31.
  8. Visual Novel Festival: from August 7 to 14.
  9. Strategy Festival: from August 28 to September 4.
  10. Matamarcianos Festival: from September 25 to October 23.
  11. Next Fest: from October 9 to 16.
  12. The Return of the Steam Frightfest (Halloween): October 26 to November 2 (more details soon).
  13. Autumn sales: from November 21 to 28 (Seasonal sales).
  14. Winter sales: from December 21, 2023, to January 4, 2024 (Seasonal sales).

Are you excited about the upcoming Steam free games and discounts? 

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