Hogwarts Legacy Review Roundup – Impressive Critical Reception

A Fantastic Harry Potter Game!!

The much anticipated Hogwarts Legacy is nearly out for gaming audiences worldwide. Many fans have been impressed with the game, and it has been comfortably sitting at the top of sales charts for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam platform for some time. 

Hogwarts Legacy promises the Harry Potter experience that many have wanted for over a decade, and it looks like the game will not disappoint. The critics have published their scores for the game, and the reviews are highly positive

Hogwarts Legacy

A few examples of the scores can be seen below.

  • IGN  9/10
  • VGC 8/10
  • Press Start Australia 9/10
  • GamesRadar 7/10

Reviews have praised the game’s atmosphere and compelling visuals. Hogwarts Legacy has done a great job at faithfully recreating the Harry Potter universe to provide an immersive experience for long-time fans and newcomers. 

Additionally, combat has also pleased the critics. Hogwarts Legacy allows for variety and creativity within the combat system while providing an adequate challenge to keep players engaged at all times. 

Many have also praised the characters within the world. Hogwarts Legacy’s cast is memorable and charming, making the game even better. However, the game is far from perfect. 

Hogwarts Legacy has performance issues on platforms like the PS5 console. The game can often suffer from frame-rate drops and issues like frequent pop-ins. Glitches and bugs further exacerbate this problem throughout the game. 

Currently, the game is rated 86/100 on Metacritic

Hogwarts Legacy
Source: Metacritic

Previously, it was revealed that the title would take up to 70 hours to complete fully. As such, fans can expect a fun experience with hours of content with the game.

Hogwarts Legacy releases on February 10 for current-gen consoles and PC. PS4 and Xbox One user can play the title on April 4, and the game will also be available on Nintendo Switch on July 25.

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Avinash Jaisrani
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