GTA’s popularity is no secret, the last entry in the franchise was Rockstar’s most successful product, and a sequel has long been overdue. GTA 6 is currently under development, and many rumors have pointed to a release in the next few years.

Despite the anticipation, not much is known about the upcoming game. A previous rumor claimed that Rockstar would focus on multiple periods for GTA 6. While this is not confirmed, an Unreal Engine 5 video has showcased an interesting demo based on this concept.

The video comes from TeaserPlay, a Youtube channel that has become synonymous with high-quality Unreal Engine 5 concepts. TeaserPlay’s latest work shows a time travel concept for GTA 6.

YouTube video

Similar to past demos from the channel, this video looks spectacular. The environments look incredibly detailed, with impressive shadows and character models. Fan-made Unreal Engine 5 demos have showcased the engine’s potential, and this new demo only adds to the growing catalog.

Furthermore, Teaserplay has made various Unreal Engine 5 demos in the past. Concepts like God of War Remake and Far Cry 7 have been awe-inspiring.

GTA 6 is also reportedly aiming for photorealism. The above concept shows a glimpse of what GTA 6 could look like. The team could make a game that rivals or surpasses the Unreal Engine 5 demo with Rockstar’s talent.

However, the highlight of the demo is the time-traveling concept. Teaserplay’s demo shows seamless transitioning between characters, similar to GTA 5. But, the demo goes one step further and includes similar transitions for the periods.

As the time period changes, a completely different atmosphere can be seen. Different cars and older architectures go a long way in making a believable rendition of the 1980s. 

If appropriately implemented, this could prove to be a revolutionary mechanic. Rockstar could provide an immersive experience, effectively packing two different games between the multiple settings in one release. 

Niko Bellic

Rockstar has now bid farewell to GTA 5 & Red Dead Redemption 2. While development has been well underway for some time, Rockstar is now wholly focused on GTA 6.

GTA 6 currently has no confirmed release date. Multiple reputed sources have leaked the game details, but the validity of these rumors remains questionable.

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