CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher is undoubtedly one of the top-rated open-world RPG game series. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from 2015 was a game that set a benchmark for all the open-world AAA games to come. Even today, the game has more than 500,000 reviews on Steam, with an overwhelmingly positive score.

Although The Witcher 3 is about seven years old, the game could still pass as a current-day game. However, a YouTuber, TeaserPlay, well-known for his impressive showcases in the past of God of War, Bully, and other plays has reimagined The Witcher in Unreal Engine 5. 

YouTube video

Yes, the Geralt character model does look a bit rusty and off from the original character model, but the visuals are simply stunning. We see Geralt walking through the beautiful white orchard coupled with ruined lands and buildings in various parts of the world. Novigrad is another location brought to life with Unreal Engine 5.

The details and realism Unreal Engine 5 brings to the table are undeniable. The Witcher has great visuals already. The only thing that needs catching up is the mechanics. So, a Witcher game with Unreal Engine 5’s power and modern mechanics has no doubt the potential to be the best game ever created. 

Moreover, the showcase states that they have imagined The Witcher 4 in Unreal Engine 5, but we know that Geralt won’t be a part of the game. However, CD Projekt RED is also working on a next-gen version for the Witcher 3. We hope the developers take a page out of TeaserPlay’s book and create something that fans of the franchise have always wanted. 

There’s no release frame for the new Witcher game and the next-gen Witcher 3. But we know from experience that CD Projekt RED would not want to rush the game after the CyberPunk 2077 fiasco. We hope we get a release date soon. 

Would you be interested in playing the next-gen Witcher 3, and what is your favorite open-world game of all time? Let us know in the comments below.

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