FromSoftware Has Begun Hiring For Several New Projects

Elden Ring Sequel?

FromSoftware is arguably the most influential developer in the modern gaming industry. Following its award-winning release of Elden Ring, the team is currently working on the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for this game.

This DLC is claimed to have been in development for over a year, with leaks pointing to new information arriving at The Game Awards. However, it seems the studio has already begun to prepare for multiple new projects.

Why it matters: The developer is much smaller than most AAA gaming giants. However, its efficiency is unmatched, allowing it to release games much quicker than most studios.

FromSoftware Job Listing
Source: FromSoftware

FromSoftware’s official website shows a message pointing to large-scale recruitment for multiple new projects. The studio is looking to hire for roles like game planner, system planner, game programmer, and more.

An online briefing session is also being held by FromSoftware developers. The deadline to register for this session is 30 November, possibly pointing to the beginning of a new project by December.

While none of the job listings provide much information, we would not be surprised if the team was hoping to work on a sequel to Elden Ring. As FromSoftware’s best-selling game, it has already sold over 20 million units, growing the studio’s influence.

However, the studio has always tried to deliver fresh and innovative games. The developer has never stuck too closely to a single IP, so a completely new game with fresh ideas is also possible.

It is important to note that nothing is confirmed for now, so this is just speculation on our part.

Elden Ring FromSoftware

Recently, FromSoftware developers revealed that they usually work on multiple projects simultaneously. Therefore, this recruitment drive is likely aimed at ensuring that the studio is able to continue releasing games at such a swift pace.

Fans have also been desperate for a Bloodborne remaster since many believe it remains unmatched in the Souls-like genre, leading to such demands.

Nonetheless, fans can expect to see several more games from the studio in the coming years. We are confident these projects will live up to the gaming giant’s legacy, delivering more memorable journeys for the millions of fans.

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