Dead Space 3 Writer Would Love To Remake The Game

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"I Would Redo Dead Space 3 Almost Completely!"

Dead Space has recently returned from the trenches of shelved EA franchises. Following a faithful remake, the franchise is expected to receive similar treatment for its second and third titles.

However, Dead Space 3 was extremely divisive and ultimately became the final release of the franchise in 2013. Recently addressing this entry, the game’s writer claimed that he would love to reimagine Dead Space 3.

Why it matters: Following this release, EA shelved the franchise and closed down Visceral Games in 2017.

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During a recent podcast with CaptainBribo, the original Dead Space writer, Chuck Beaver, talked about the franchise after it became a part of the recent trend of old franchises returning after many years.

Following the Dead Space Remake, Chuck Beaver stated that he would be more than willing to redo Dead Space 3 and fix many of its problems. The writer said:

“I would redo Dead Space 3 almost completely, but I would keep the lore beat it’s predicated on.”

The writer pointed out that he would maintain the lore around the title despite completely changing the main story.

A massive change, according to the writer, would be made to the love triangle of Isaac, Ellie, and Robert. He expressed interest in portraying a broken version of Isaac after the protagonist was left shattered in the second game.

This would result in a story mostly focused on Isaac Clarke. Unfortunately, the writer explained that EA did not allow the team to create a horror game from the beginning.

This move meant that the studio had to blend various elements from different genres, which ultimately alienated the existing Dead Space fandom while failing to attract new players.

Dead Space 3

With EA Motive at the helm and potential teasers of more remakes, such changes may come to fruition in the future. We would also love to see an improved version of Dead Space 3, even if it comes from a different team.

However, the studio is currently busy with an open-world Iron Man game, so a remake of the third game will likely take several more years.

Dead Space 3 appears to be the perfect example of publisher interference ruining a developer’s work. Had EA allowed the team to make the game based on their own ideas, it may have succeded.

Nonetheless, we hope a future remake can implement such ideas to redeem the third entry of the IP.

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