Financial Report Hints At Elden Ring DLC After Shadow of The Erdtree

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'Various Measures In Progress For Elden Ring!'

Elden Ring is already over a year old, but fans are looking forward to a new expansion for the game. The expansion is titled Shadow of The Erdtree and aims to bring more content to fans of the game.

However, FromSoftware has not revealed an official release date for the expansion. The expansion is expected to have been in development for over a year, potentially making it the biggest DLC from the studio yet.

While fans are looking forward to the upcoming content, FromSoftware’s parent company plans to offer even more content for the game.

Why it matters: Elden Ring is the biggest launch of FromSoftware yet. The game was a massive hit on all platforms, bringing millions of new players to the souls-like genre.

Elden Ring Content
Source: Financial Report

Kadokawa Corporation has released its financial report for the year’s first quarter. While talking about the outlook for the second quarter, the report stated:

“Various measures are currently in progress for ELDEN RING, including the development of major DLC, to maximize LTV.”

The report asserts that Kadokawa plans to use the Elden Ring IP in the future. Previously, Kadokawa also confirmed long-term support for the franchise.

While the financial report does not specify the exact measures, another DLC release could be under consideration. In the past, the studio has developed multiple DLC packs for games like Dark Souls 3.

Since the studio will release Armored Core 6 this month, FromSoftware’s next game might not arrive anytime soon. As such, additional DLC would ensure that Elden Ring remains popular until the developer’s next release.

However, Kadokawa’s long-term support could also refer to continuous updates and patches for player engagement. Therefore, it would be best to wait for official announcements before jumping to early conclusions.

The company’s support could also lead to Elden Ring adaptations on the big screen. Recently, IPs like Mario have made a name for themselves after a successful movie.

Nonetheless, it is safe to assume that Elden Ring has a bright future ahead, as the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion has been in development for a while, and FromSoftware may release even more content for the game in the coming years.

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