Final Fantasy 16 Boss Fights Leading To Overheating On PS5

Clean Your PS5 For Final Fantasy 16!

Final Fantasy 16 is designed with the hardware and capabilities of the PS5. The game features intense set pieces and seamless loading made possible with the new hardware.

Just a few days before the release, Square Enix released a demo for Final Fantasy 16. While the demo was well received, it seems to be causing issues for several PS5 owners.

According to various reports, the demo leads to overheating issues on PS5.

Why it matters: This has led to concerns from users. Some have also deleted the demo, claiming they do not want to risk potential damage to the console.

PS5 too hot? Anyone else experiencing this problem?


Reddit user u/okcomputer has recently posted a thread stating that the Morbol boss fight led to the PS5 becoming too hot. Following this post, various Redditors replied with a similar experience.

Therefore, the specific Morbol boss is to blame for these issues. The users say the Final Fantasy 16 demo runs fine except for this huge issue. However, Reddit is not the only platform with such reports.

Another user made a similar comment on Resetera. According to the user, games like Demon’s Souls, Ghost of Tsushima, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake have never caused these problems.

However, Final Fantasy 16 made the PS5 too hot and needed to be shut down. Youtuber TheSphereHunter is currently reviewing an unreleased game for the PS5 and reported a similar case.

With Final Fantasy 16 releasing tomorrow, she is likely playing the upcoming Final Fantasy title and ran into the same problem. This means several users have reported the overheating issue, making it far from uncommon.

Her report means that the issue may be present in the full build of the game. The demo was based on an older build, but Square Enix may have also left it in the latest build. Previously, Producer Naoki Yoshida claimed Final Fantasy 16 would showcase the power of the PS5.

However, this is not a great sign and may hint at more problems with the upcoming release.

Final Fantasy 16 also fails to maintain a consistent 60 FPS during the demo. The developer backtracked the statement while no day-one patch was planned for the game. A small day-one patch is now scheduled for the game.

This patch will likely address the frame rate but may also fix the overheating issues with the PS5. Nonetheless, the game is hours away from release, and fans will soon be able to try the highly-anticipated titles for themselves.

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