Epic Games Shifts Focus To Apple After Beating Google In Court

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Epic Against 30% Charges From Platform Holders!

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  • Epic Games was engaged in a lawsuit against Google for a while.
  • The company has officially won the case with a unanimous decision.
  • It still intends to go against Apple.

Things haven’t been going too well for Epic Games recently. Even after five years of operation, the gaming giant’s store is run at a loss. It also laid off 830 of 5000 staff, adding to the concerns surrounding the company.

However, developments like the return of OG Fortnite have been encouraging, with over 100 million players joining the battle royale to celebrate the occasion. Epic Games has recorded another victory recently.

Following a drawn-out battle in court, the company has defeated Google in the recent lawsuit. The gaming giant has announced that it will shift its focus to Apple now, hoping to bring Fortnite to all platforms.

Why it matters: Various platforms are currently charging fees of up to 30% for third-party games and content. According to Tim Sweeney, this price is outrageous.

After the CEO of Epic Games declared victory over Google on Twitter, a fan asked whether they would go after Apple next. The CEO explicitly said:

“Apple appeal is in the queue for the Supreme Court of the US.”

The victory over Google has given Epic Games a key advantage in the current situation.

In the past, Epic Games fought against Apple in a similar court case. While the decision was previously made in favor of Apple, Tim Sweeney is more motivated than ever to challenge any opposition.

In addition to Apple, Tim Sweeney expressed interest in going after platforms like Steam or Xbox. The company essentially wants to bring Fortnite to all platforms without the current requirement of the 30% cut to the platform holder.

Anyhow, Epic Games’ latest victory will open opportunities for more than just the Fortnite studio. Microsoft is looking to establish its own mobile gaming store. With Google’s dominance loosened after the trial, Microsoft has much to gain from the recent outcome.

Elon Must congratulated Tim Sweeney for winning the lawsuit, highlighting that this victory could lead to major changes in the future.

Publishers might eventually receive better deals from platform holders, reducing the 30% purchase fees by a significant amount. However, only time will tell if Epic Games will be successful in its current efforts.

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