PlayStation 5: Downloadable PS3 Demo Hints At Backward Compatibility

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PS3 Backwards Compatibility Finally Coming?

The PlayStation 5 is missing out on decades of PlayStation content and legacy due to a lack of backward compatibility. Unlike the last two consoles, the PS3 launched will backward compatibility for previous consoles, but this feature was later scrapped. 

Since the release of the PlayStation 4, many fans have wanted proper backward compatibility for the PlayStation 3, but Sony has not given any indications of implementing this feature any time soon. However, a new image spotted on Reddit could be pointing to PlayStation 3 backward compatibility with the PlayStation 5

Black Knight Sword

The image shows Black Knight Sword, a game initially released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Black Knight Sword has not received a remaster or port for modern consoles, but the image shows a playable game demo on PlayStation 5

Currently, PS3 games cannot be played on the PlayStation 5 natively. Instead, Sony provides streaming options for these games, which can be accessed through PS Plus Premium. However, the image shows an option to download Black Knight Sword.

When the Reddit user attempted to download the demo, they were met with an error. This could mean that the listing is just a bug or proper backward compatibility has been preemptively leaked through the store. 

RPCS3 is the best option for fans looking to play PlayStation 3 games without the original hardware. However, RPCS3 is very demanding on PC hardware and does not support the entire PlayStation 3 library. 

Backward compatibility has been a highly requested feature for the latest PlayStation console. Unlike the PlayStation 4, Sony’s latest hardware can emulate a console like the PlayStation 3, which is based on a complex architecture.

While the image seems to hint at something, it should be taken with a grain of salt because PSN has been known to show buggy listings like these from time to time.

If done right, Sony could integrate PlayStation 3 backward compatibility into the PS Plus Premium service, which is not too impressive now. Previous hints have also pointed at Sony working on a solution for native PlayStation 3 games, but only time will tell if this happens. 

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