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Critical Structure Corruption Windows 11 [FIXED]

Update or rollback BIOS, run Memory Diagnostic Tool or uninstall FaceIt app to eliminate the error.

Critical Structure Corruption error occurs when the kernel detects the corrupted data. Either your system is starting, or you are already working on it. This BSOD can appear anytime, and you won’t be able to use your PC because of it. 

Key Takeaways

  • This error results from critical kernel code or corrupted data and makes you unable to use your PC or even boot into Windows.
  • The causes behind the error are critical kernel code, malfunctioning memory modules or hardware components, corrupted data or drivers.
  • Fix the error by running the Memory Diagnostic Tool, updating drivers, uninstalling the FaceIt App, or updating/rolling back BIOS to an older version.

What Is The Error Critical Structure Corruption?

What Is The Error Critical Structure Corruption
Critical Structure Corruption – Image Credits (TechNewsToday)

This error occurs when the kernel finds corrupt data or critical kernel code. It also happens when your system faces hardware failure or a device driver tries to replace the kernel code.
The error might pop up when your system might be starting and you are using the internet or any desktop application. You can also get the error while updating or doing a fresh installation of Windows.

Error Message: Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We’re just collecting some error info, and then we’ll restart for you.



The main culprits behind the error that I figured out are:

  1. Hardware failure.
  2. Malfunctioning memory module.
  3. The driver got corrupted.
  4. The system detected critical kernel code.
  5. Corrupted software data.

How To Fix Critical Structure Corruption In Windows 11

You can eliminate the error using the fixes listed below:

  1. Clean Boot
  2. Use Command Prompt
  3. Run Memory Diagnostic Tool
  4. Uninstall FaceIt Anti Cheat
  5. Update / Rollback BIOS
  6. Update Driver
WARNING: Always keep a backup of your system to lower the chances of losing any data, as a sudden crash can make you lose some crucial system files.

Move on to the detailed methods of all the fixes to get your system back to working.

Clean Boot

When you do a clean boot, non-Microsoft services such as startup and system services not required for your computer’s regular operation are turned off and might conflict with the boot process. As a result, only the fundamental drivers and data needed for the computer to function are loaded when it restarts.

Use Command Prompt

Running a few commands, as mentioned below, will surely eliminate the error.

Your computer will boot up normally, as shown by the YouTuber Murugan S. I also tested this method, and it worked!

Here’s how to run cmd:

  1. Go to Windows search cmd type.
  2. Open Command Prompt but As an Administrator.
  3. Now, in the dialogue box, type sfc /scannow and Enter. Hold off till the operation is finished.
    Type sfc /scannow in CMD
    SFC Scan – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  4. Copy: dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and Enter to execute the command.
  5. Now type exit and Enter, then restart your system.

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Run Memory Diagnostic Tool

Running a Memory Diagnostic Tool helps check if the error occurs due to a hardware component, especially if there are issues with the RAM.

This method is by Quora user Sean Farrelly. We have also tried this method.

Here’s how to run Memory Diagnostic:

  1. Go to Windows search and type memory.
  2. Click on the Memory Diagnostic Diagnostic from the results.
  3. Click on Restart now and search for the problem option.
    Now Click on Restart now Option
    Diagnose Restart Now – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  4. Your system will restart after running the diagnostics, which will take some time.
    System start diagnostics
    Diagnosing Your PC – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  5. When your system starts up, go to the search bar and type events in it.
  6. Choose the Event Viewer from the result and click on it.
  7. At the left pane, go to Windows log and click System.
  8. The recent occurrences in your system will be displayed in a list.

Uninstall FaceIt Anti Cheat

The FaceIt anti-cheat program works when you play a supported game while gathering anti-cheat data to identify cheating. It ensures that all the players are safe and tournaments are fair. However, it also causes a BSOD in some cases, as determined by Reddit user jd31068, who suggested removing the program.

We also tested this method, and amazingly, it worked!

Here’s how to uninstall it:

  1. Go to Windows search and type control.
  2. The Control Panel will appear. Hit on the program to open it.
  3. Go to Programs.
  4. Look for the FaceIt anti-cheat app and click on it.
  5. Now, hit the option Uninstall.
    Hit the option Uninstall
    FaceIt Uninstall – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  6. To confirm, click Yes in the following popup.

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Update / Rollback BIOS

As explained by Reddit user zzr9121979, updating BIOS if there’s an update or rolling back to the previous version can help fix the issue. 

For your convenience, I have listed down some popular manufacturers:

Rollback BIOS

If the error starts appearing when you update the latest BIOS version, and there’s no update for now, you should roll back to a previous version until the manufacturer pushes a new update with the bug patch for the error.

Here’s how to rollback BIOS:

  1. Launch Command Prompt as admin through searching in Windows and find out the serial number for bios by copying and pasting the below command in the box and Entering to execute:
    wmic bios get a serial number
  2. Go to any websites from the list of manufacturers according to your system.
  3. Search for your system on the website or search manually through the available products.
  4. Look for BIOS or type BIOS into the search bar to find it.
  5. First, look for the version you need to download. Otherwise, jump to the Older version option. It would help if you found such a section by exploring the website, as every manufacturer has different areas defined for all the products.
  6. Click Download after finding the preferred version.
Create Bootable USB
  1. Plug a USB to your PC.
  2. Now, open and download the setup.
  3. Install it now by clicking on the setup file.
  4. Open the program and then choose the USB drive.
  5. Switch the Boot Selection to FreeDOS.
  6. Now, change the File System to FAT32.
  7. Copy the setup into a USB to make it bootable and restart the PC.
  8. Hit F2 or F12 to enter BIOS right after your system starts booting.
     Tip: If the system is not booting through a bootable device, then check the settings first and choose USB as a boot device. 
  9. After your USB has successfully booted, you will get a screen asking you to input commands.
  10. Execute the following command:
    <file-name> exe
  11. If you are required to confirm, choose Y.

Your system will complete the process and boot into Windows.

Update BIOS

You need to update the BIOS on your system if Windows won’t start up.

The steps for updating BIOS are as follows:

  1. Visit a manufacturer’s website according to your system from the list above to get the BIOS update.
  2. Look for the available update for BIOS and download it.
  3. Go to your system’s download and click on the .exe file.
  4. Comply with the instructions appearing on the screen.

The latest BIOS update for your system will have patches and hotfixes, so it should fix the error.

Update Driver

Updating drivers is sometimes a troubleshooting step when a system is experiencing an error, such as this corruption error. After updating Windows or if new hardware fails after installation, you might get the error, which requires updating drivers to resolve the error.

 Important: For the continued and smooth operation of your PC, always keep your system drivers updated, as the update comes with bug patches and eliminates any ongoing issues with the older version. 

Common Questions Answered

What is the error critical structure corruption in Windows 11?

This error usually occurs when the kernel finds any corruption in data and won’t let you use your system. You might encounter this while using any app, surfing through the internet, or Windows is starting up.

What causes the corruption error?

A corruption error pops up if the critical kernel code is detected. It also appears if the memory modules or hardware fails or the driver’s data is corrupted.

How do we fix the critical structure error?

You can resolve the error by updating the BIOS or reverting to an older version. Also, running Memory Diagnostic Tools or updating drivers are the fixes!

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