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Critical Structure Corruption Windows 11 [FIXED]

This blog will cover all the possible methods to fix the Critical Structure Corruption error.

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Critical Structure Corruption error indicates some corrupted data in your system. This occurs when the kernel discovers corrupted system files or drivers. A few people over at Steam Forums have reported this issue. However, this Critical Structure Corruption error can be fixed very easily.

Key Takeaways
  • This error is not widely spread as the chances of data corruption are pretty low unless you’re attacked by malware.
  • The causes behind the error are critical kernel code, malfunctioning memory modules or hardware components, and corrupted data or drivers.
  • Fix the error by running the Memory Diagnostic Tool, updating drivers, scanning the system, or updating BIOS to the latest version.
  • Although this Critical Structure Corruption error is rare, we experienced several inconveniences when facing this issue, such as random reboots and data loss.

The Critical Structure Corruption error will be displayed as:

Critical Structure Corruption error being displayed on the screen.
Critical Structure Corruption Error – Image Credits [TechNewsToday]
Important Tip: Before doing the methods listed below, try clean booting and updating system drivers as they are known to fix several errors. If they do not solve the error, use the methods below.

Method Difficulty Rating

SFC and DISM Scan
Rated: 7/10

Run Memory Diagnostic Tool
Rated: 5/10

Update BIOS
Rated: 7/10

Uninstall FACEIT Anti-Cheat
Rated: 4/10

SFC and DISM Scan:

The SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Image Servicing and Management) are common commands that can fix many errors and bugs. By running these commands, it will perform a complete system scan to discover faults and mistakes.

These commands are well-known for troubleshooting and fixing various errors, so this error is no different. An independent advisor on an authentic Microsoft Forum has also recommended this method, which has helped many users facing this error. Here’s how:

  1. Open Command Prompt: Go to Windows Search Bar > Type cmd > Click on Run as Administrator.
    Windows Search Bar showing Command Prompt when cmd is typed.
    Command Prompt Search – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  2. Running the Scan command: Type sfc /scannow > Hit Enter.
    Type sfc /scannow in CMD
    SFC Scanner – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  3. Running the Repair command: Now type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth > Hit Enter.
    Type DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth in command prompt
    DISM Repair Command – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  4. Exiting and restarting system: Close Command Prompt > Restart your system.

Run Memory Diagnostic Tool:

The Windows Memory Diagnostic tool is handy for troubleshooting when the computer begins running slowly, displays a blue screen, or reboots on its own. It can help detect problems with applications installed and memory errors.

This utility is widely used to discover problems in the memory modules. Since failing memory is one of the causes of this error, we tried this method for your convenience, and it worked. Follow the steps below:

  1. Opening the Memory Diagnostic Tool: Go to Windows Search Bar > Type memory > Click on Windows Memory Diagnostic.
    Windows Search Bar showing Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool when memory is typed
    Windows Memory Diagnostic Search – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  2. Running the Memory Diagnostic Tool: Click the “Restart now and check for problems” option.
    Click on Restart now and check for problems
    Diagnose Restart Now – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  3. Restarting and Diagnosing System: Your system will restart and run the diagnostics.
    System start diagnostics
    Diagnosing Your PC – Image Credits (Tech4Gamers)
  4. Opening Event Viewer: When your system boots, go to the Windows Search Bar > Type event > Click on Event Viewer.
    Windows Search Bar will show Event Viewer when event is searched
    Event Viewer Search – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  5. Checking for Events after diagnosis: In the left panel, double-click on Windows Logs > click on System > View all recent occurrences to the system.
    Recent events displayed under Windows Logs then System
    Event Viewer Recent Events – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]

Update BIOS:

BIOS, also known as Basic Input/Output System, is a program that your microprocessor uses to control the I/O of the system after it is powered on. It also contains the data flow between the connected I/O devices and the Operating System. Although you shouldn’t mess with the BIOS, if the error persists, you should update it.

The latest BIOS update will have patches and hotfixes for your system. We have found this method to solve this error on the AMD Community Forum. Therefore, we believe it to be a credible solution. Since different manufacturers have different steps to update BIOS, we have covered the generalized steps:

  1. Open DirectX utility: Go to Windows Search Bar > type dxdiag > Click on the dxdiag program.
    type dxdiag in windows search bar
    DxDiag Search – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  2. Check your BIOS version: Search for your BIOS version labeled by Ver.
    find bios version in the dxdiag tool menu
    DxDiag displaying BIOS version – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  3. Download BIOS Update: Find your motherboard’s website > Navigate to your motherboard’s BIOS page > Download the latest version.
  4. Make A Bootable USB Drive: Plug a formatted USB Drive > Extract BIOS update into the USB.
  5. Open BIOS Update Utility: Restart your system> Press delete during reboot > Go to Utilities > Click on M-Flash.
  6. Update BIOS: Choose your USB Drive > Select the BIOS file > Confirm any prompt.
WARNING: Always keep a backup of your system to lower the chances of losing any data, as a sudden crash can make you lose some crucial system files.

Uninstalling FACEIT Anti-Cheat Software:

FACEIT Anti-Cheat is a third-party matchmaking software for many multiplayer games with a powerful and robust anti-cheat system. Gamers prefer to use this software to play their favorite video games in a safe and fair environment. Many skilled players are shifting to FACEIT servers rather than the game’s matchmaking server.

However, this software is known to cause Critical Structure Corruption errors as it runs complete system scans to detect any cheating software. As a result, it messes with the Operating System and causes the error. Uninstalling FACEIT has helped many users recover from this jarring error. If you have FACEIT installed and do not use it, it’s best to uninstall it from your system. Here’s how:

  1. Open Control Panel: Go to Windows Search Bar > Type control > Click on Control Panel.
    typing control in search bar to find control panel
    Control Panel Search – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  2. Navigate to Programs and Features: Click on Programs and Features.
    inside control panel, navigating to programs and features section
    Programs and Features – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]
  3. Uninstalling FACEIT Anti-Cheat: Click on FACEIT Anti-Cheat software > Click on Uninstall > Follow the steps to uninstall FACEIT Anti-Cheat software.
    clicking on faceit anti cheat software then clicking uninstall to uninstall the software from the system.
    Uninstalling FACEIT – Image Credits [Tech4gamers]


Corrupted system files, drivers, or critical kernel code are the major causes of this Critical Structure Corruption error. Twitter users have mentioned that this error keeps occurring frequently.

Although Microsoft has not officially patched this error, we encountered a detailed thread addressing this issue on Microsoft Forums. However, the abovementioned methods will fix the problem and bring your system back to normal!


What is the error Critical Structure Corruption in Windows 11?

Critical Structure Corruption error entails that your system may have corrupt data or a failing memory module. As a result, A Blue Screen Of Death will pop up on your screen, and it will reboot your system. You might encounter this while using any app, surfing through the internet, or while Windows is starting up.

What causes the Critical Structure Corruption error?

The Critical Structure Corruption error occurs due to critical kernel code. Furthermore, it also occurs if the hardware fails or the driver’s data is corrupted.

How do we fix the critical structure error?

Methods mentioned above can fix your problem. They include updating your BIOS, running the memory diagnostic tool, scanning the system using the command prompt, and many more.

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