Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Launches To 98% Positive Reviews on Steam

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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is an indie game from Team Reptile that harkens back to the likes of Jet Set Radio. With an incredibly stylish art style, an energetic soundtrack, and a captivating traversal system, the game has a lot to offer.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk allows players to perform various BMX and skateboarding tricks as they traverse the environments and use graffiti spots to become the most renowned crew in the city.

Prior to its release, many players were already excited due to the game’s callbacks and similarities to Jet Set Radio. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is now available on Steam, and the initial user reviews are extremely positive.

Why it matters: Indie games are better than ever in 2023, with more resources available to independent developers. Smaller budgets also ensure that such developers are able to take bigger risks and try more unique ideas compared to AAA releases.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk
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Following an anticipated release, the game has accumulated nearly 2300 reviews on the platform. Of the 2270 reviews on Steam, 98% are positive, making it one of the best indie releases in 2023.

The reviews are full of users reminiscing about Jet Set Radio and the fact that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has delivered a modern successor to the game before an official release from Sega.

In addition to a clear art style and gameplay inspiration, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk sees the return of Hideki Naganuma, the Jet Set Radio composer, adding a flair and unique identity to the game’s soundtrack.

In addition to the praise, a few users had a few things to criticize about the game. Such criticisms include the fairly basic gameplay mechanics and the shallow customization options.

However, even with these negatives, users agree that the game is overall a solid release and leaves room for improvements in the future through a sequel.

At the time of writing, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has also claimed a spot on the Steam best-sellers charts. It can currently be found in the top 10 best-selling games on the platform, beating critically acclaimed releases like Remnant 2.

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