Delta Force Returns With New Game After More Than 13 Years

Taking Inspiration From Black Hawk Down!

Delta Force was among the pioneers of modern-military shooters. Debuting on PC in 1998, the IP remained relevant for over a decade but has not received a new entry since 2009.

However, Developer TiMi Studio Group has officially announced the return of the old-school FPS game with a teaser trailer. Delta Force is finally back, and more information about the game is coming on August 22.

Why it matters: The FPS genre has not seen any major shifts after the boom of the battle royal genre. A returning IP like Delta Force has the opportunity to change current trends, potentially leading to a new wave of FPS titles.

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The announcement came as a pleasant surprise recently, with the studio confirming a full reveal at Gamescom 2023.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops will mark the ninth installment in the series, bringing a large-scale multiplayer experience akin to the Battlefield franchise to consoles and PC.

The trailer highlights a small glimpse at the studio’s vision for a Delta Force reboot. Much like its predecessor, the upcoming FPS will continue to offer large-scale PVP battles with open environments.

The studio is also taking inspiration from Black Hawk Down to deliver an exciting single-player campaign. TiMi Studio Group has spent countless hours studying the movie and aims to deliver an authentic rendition of the events through the game.

Gamescom 2023 was already expected to be a massive event. Gaming giants like Microsoft are attending with 25 playable games and various anticipated titles like Black Myth: Wukong will receive new looks at Gamescom.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops provides yet another reason to look forward to Gamescom 2023 and Opening Night Live. The game will debut as a free-to-play title, with more information arriving on August 22.

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