Tomb Raider Website Teases New Announcement For Franchise

Next Game Could Be Revealed Soon!

Tomb Raider and Lara Croft have been an icon of the gaming industry for three decades. With various games and multiple adaptations in other mediums, the character continues to be popular worldwide.

In 2013, Crystal Dynamics rebooted the franchise with a new entry inspired by cinematic action-adventure games of the time. The reboot series received three games, with the trilogy concluding in 2018 with Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Crystal Dynamics is busy with a new entry in the IP, but not much has been revealed. However, the official website appears to have been updated, teasing a potential announcement for the near future.

Why it matters: Shadow of the Tomb Raider sold nearly 9 million copies, highlighting the relevance and popularity of the IP. Therefore, a new game will likely find similar success on the market.

Tomb Raider Website
Source: Tomb Raider Website

As seen above, the official website has been updated with the slogan: Become a Tomb Raider. Furthermore, the website asks players to sign up for more information about the Tomb Raider franchise. The website states:

“Sign-up to be the first to hear breaking news regarding the Tomb Raider franchise.”

Amazon Games is confirmed to be the publisher of the next Tomb Raider game. As mentioned earlier, Crystal Dynamics is returning for the next game.

The developer will harness the power of the mighty Unreal Engine 5 to bring Lara Croft’s next adventure to life, taking her on another memorable adventure. It will also mark the most expensive project for the studio.

Embracer Group recently confirmed plans to cancel various games as part of cost reduction measures. However, the gaming giant appears to be satisfied with Crystal Dynamics.

Since a new game is already being teased, Lara Croft appears to be in safe hands, and fans could learn more about her new adventure much sooner than expected.

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