Starfield: Houses Can be Confiscated If Players Fail To Pay Mortgage

Don't Be Late On Payments In Starfield!

Bethesda Game Studios recently revealed that Starfield would feature a jail system similar to Skyrim, the ability to recruit crew members, and more. However, the most intriguing detail revealed that players would be able to buy homes in the RPG.

Elaborating on this mechanic, a new leak reveals that players can lose their homes if they fail to pay mortgages on time, with the property being confiscated by the bank.

Why it matters: This system adds another layer of depth and management to the RPG mechanics of Starfield.

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As seen above, the message in the game says that “GalBank” has locked the individual out of their home. However, players have the option to clear payments to regain access to the property.

The inclusion of such a system will encourage players to be careful with their finances in Starfield. Much like in real life, going overboard with expenses could lead to devastating consequences in the RPG.

Players are free to invest in properties across various locations, but the threat of losing access means that space explorers will be required to plan each investment ahead of time.

This is just one of the many small mechanics that add up to a larger-than-life experience in Bethesda Game Studios’ latest title.

Starfield has already gone gold and is available to preload on the Xbox Series X|S and PC. Each passing day brings fans one step closer to the immersive adventure expected to last for years to come.

Early access owners can begin their epic space journey on September 1, and the game will launch to everyone on September 6. Like other first-party Xbox releases, Game Pass owners will gain access to the title on day one.

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Avinash Jaisrani
Avinash Jaisrani
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