On 18 September 2022, the gaming community saw the biggest leak in history. The leak includes 90+ GTA 6 videos in early development. The news spread like wildfire, making headlines in a few hours.

Now, screenshots of the alleged hacker negotiating with ransom groups have been leaked. The hacker was trying to sell access to data related to GTA 5 and GTA 6 source codes.

The screenshots of the conversation also revealed that the hacker had access to TakeTwo’s consumer data of 500PB. The hacker also mentioned having access to the data of other companies like Bank of Brasil, 2k, DoorDash, etc. 

The screenshots also revealed that Rockstar has been working on GTA 6 since 2014 and the allocated budget of around 2 Billion Dollars for GTA 6, according to the leaked information.

For Comparison, GTA 5 had a budget of $265 million back in 2008, and GTA 5 has made over $6 billion since its release, making it the most profitable game of all time.

GTA 6 Concept Trailer
GTA 6 Unreal Engine 5 Concept

Red Dead Redemption 2 cost Rockstar around $540 million in its 8-year development cycle. Although it made over $725 million from sales in its first opening weekend. The leaked figures for GTA 6 are not that surprising, keeping in mind the previous track records of games from Rockstar and the profits they managed to make in a short time.

The leaked alleged figure is also an allocated amount and includes all the game’s expenses, including marketing, DLCs, and Multiplayer support after the game’s release, like GTA 5 Online.

Even after including all the expenses, the leaked figure is still crazy and, if true, will make GTA 6 one of the most expensive games of all time, surpassing the budget of some of the best and most expensive Marvel movies, including Avengers: Endgame and Avengers Infinity War. 

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