Xbox Series S Suffers Crashes Due To Limited VRAM

Developers May Soon Lower Texture Quality For Xbox Series S!

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X were considered the next-generation consoles starting a new era in the video gaming industry, with increased power and the addition of an M.2 SSD. Games built for both consoles would have better graphics and near-instantaneous load times.

These consoles save a couple of dollars compared to PC, as purchasing a high-end pc these days are much more expensive, and many cannot afford it. Even so, if they seem expensive, we still have an Alternative which is Xbox Series S.

The Xbox Series S is also regarded as next-generation. But due to its lower power and limited memory, it experiences VRAM issues the same as 8GB GPUs do. It was released simultaneously with Series X, although it’s less powerful. The Xbox Series S costs $299 but can be purchased on Amazon for $279.

Xbox Series S Suffers Crashes Due To Limited VRAM

According to a user on Reddit, u/jokekiller94, Xbox Series S is facing memory allocation issues in Borderlands 3. He shared a screenshot of the game crashing on his Xbox Series S console with an out-of-memory error on the screen. 

The Xbox Series S console has 10GB of GDDR6 memory. It is shared between the CPU and the GPU. In addition, the bandwidth is very different since 8GB works at 224 GB/s and the remaining 2 GB only at 56 GB/s. Most triple-A games released in recent months require between 6 and 8 GB of VRAM on PC.

If we compare the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 with 16GB of shared GDDR6 memory, there’s a big difference between the consoles. Still struggling in Borderlands 3 is a bit strange as it asks so much less than Jedi Survivor, so it can be a bug. But 10 GB for the complete system is a low figure these days.

It must be accepted that developers will have to lower the quality of the textures in Series S shortly at the rate that the games are going.

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