Xbox Series X|S 2023 Sales Down By 14% in UK Compared To 2022

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Worrying Sign For Xbox?

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  • Microsoft’s console sales have not been the best this generation.
  • A report has revealed that the sales of the Xbox Series X|S were down by 14.2% over 2022 in the UK.
  • However, PS5 sales went up by 55% over last year.

Microsoft took a new and unique approach with the Xbox Series X|S. The gaming giant offered two options for more consumer choice, but this approach does not seem to have brought about the results Microsoft wanted.

The PS5 has been dominating sales charts, with analysts expecting it to sell 18.5 million units in FY2024. On the other hand, according to a new report by Gamesindustrybiz, Xbox Series S|X sales nosedived by about 14% this year compared to 2022.

Why it matters: While Microsoft is clearly more focused on the largest Xbox ecosystem, the lack of improvement in console sales is still worrying for the future of its gaming endeavors.

Xbox Series S

The report reveals Xbox has not performed too well, but it also shows PlayStation is thriving in the region. PS5 sales went up by a whopping 55% compared to 2022. This made 2023 the best year for a PlayStation console since 2014.

Around 2.38 million consoles were sold in the region last year, with PlayStation accounting for a majority of these figures. Like Xbox, the Nintendo Switch also saw a decline in sales, though that was to be expected for an aging system.

Interestingly, over 50% of the sales from the best-selling titles came from PlayStation. Hogwarts Legacy, EA Sports FC 24, and Modern Warfare 3 ended up as the best-selling games of the region, with UK gamers showing a clear preference for PS4 and PS5 systems.

Still, 2024 should be a better year for Xbox. Games like Hellblade 2, Stalker 2, and Avowed being exclusive to the consoles will surely help skyrocket sales.

Xbox Series S|X

While analysts have already stated that PS5 has won the console war, we think every year, with a new lineup of video games, the rivalry begins anew.

Xbox is in for another exciting year for gaming in 2024. All parts of the gaming business, including Game Pass, should continue to thrive in the next eleven months, helping the gaming giant make up lost ground.

While the sales of Xbox Series X|S aren’t exactly great for now, the next console might change things up for the console manufacturer. According to an insider, Xbox has already planned out 15 years’ worth of first-party games, so it has a bright future ahead.

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