Xbox Faces Backlash On Replacing Pride Logo With Burning Flames

Xbox Divides Fans After Replacing Logo!

Pride Month began just a few days ago, and various companies changed their logos to support the LGBTQ+ community during this month. Like the others, Xbox also changed its logo for LGBTQ+ fans.

Microsoft was one of the first to debut this design after the partnership with GLAAD. Chief of Staff of Xbox Marketing Pav Bhardwaj stated:

“Representation is a vast and multifaceted topic: it can mean more LGBTQIA+ characters, more story moments featuring LGBTQIA+ themes.” 

However, just three days later, the company changed the logo to a new one in anticipation of Diablo 4.

Why it matters: Xbox said that it wants to make LGBTQ+ players feel at home. The whole month of June is celebrated by the community, but the Xbox logo was replaced in less than a week.

While it should not be surprising that Microsoft is celebrating the launch of a huge title like Diablo, the sudden shift in logos has led to various reactions on social media.

Many members of the LGBTQ+ community are not happy that Xbox replaced the logo so soon. Xbox is among the few brands to have already replaced the logo, while others are sticking to the celebration of Pride month.

A few have been outraged at the implication of the burning logo, which can appear quite shocking when taken out of context. Since the new change reflects the launch of Diablo 4, LGBTQ+ fans of the franchise have also been poking fun at the implications of the transition between these logos.


On the other hand, many fans noted that Xbox is known for frequently changing pictures, so this is nothing new for the gaming giant. Some are also sad that Xbox changed the logo so soon since they believe Microsoft has the best pride logo of the year.

It should be noted that Phil Spencer from Xbox is still using the Pride logo as his Twitter profile picture. The gaming giant is also set to host a showcase for future Xbox games soon, and it is possible that Xbox may change its logo once again.

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Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid Ur Rehman
Obaid is pursuing a Law degree, while working as a content writer. He has worked as a gaming writer for over a year because of his passion for the medium and reporting the latest updates in the industry. Having played hundreds of games, Obaid finds himself coming back to Elden Ring and Red Dead Redemption 2, with these games being among his favorites. He has also been mentioned on highly regarded websites, such as Wccftech, Metro UK, PS Lifestyle, GamePressure, VGC, and Gamespot.

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