Spider-Man 2: Release Date To Be Announced When Insomniac Is Confident

Making Sure They Can Hit The Release Date!

Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games has finally been revealed to audiences, with plenty of media coverage in the form of gameplay, interviews, and screenshots. The latest footage from the PlayStation Showcase revealed several minutes of gameplay, but fans were disappointed that Insomniac Games did not confirm a release date.

However, the game’s Creative Director has elaborated on the situation, stating that a release date will be announced when Insomniac feels confident about hitting it.

Why it matters: Spider-Man 2 was announced nearly two years ago, and the game is expected to release in just a few months. However, the lack of an exact date has caused some concern for a potential delay.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

Following the recent gameplay reveal, Creative Director Bryan Intihar was interviewed by The Washington Post. This interview also addressed the matter of the release date, and the Creative Director replied:

“It’s really just making sure that we’re really confident that when we announce the date, we’re going to hit it. It’s really just about that.”

Many games have recently faced multiple delays, lasting up to a year. However, Insomniac Games likely wants to avoid a similar situation for the anticipated Spider-Man 2.

This should also be reassuring for fans looking forward to the game. Going by the Creative Director’s statement, a release date announcement could be made soon, and a delay appears unlikely.

The studio has been known to release games swiftly, with three titles released since 2020. As such, Spider-Man 2 is expected to be released within the Fall 2023 window.

Previously, an insider claimed that Spider-Man 2 would be released in September. The first Spider-Man title from Insomniac Games was also released in the same month, so it would not be surprising to see the developer going with a similar date for the second mainline release.

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