Xbox Needs To Claw Back & Nvidia-Powered Consoles May Be The Solution

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A Next-Gen Reunion For Console Domination!

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  • Xbox finds itself in a unique position, and Nvidia may be able to help.
  • Nvidia’s software features, including DLSS and Frame Generation, could give Microsoft an edge in the hardware market.
  • Xbox and Nvidia have already partnered before.

Xbox and Nvidia are two names that don’t immediately suggest a connection. However, Nvidia has a strange past with console gaming.

Having worked with all three manufacturers at one point or another, Microsoft’s original Xbox saw the gaming giant partner with this graphics company to create one of the most impressive consoles of its era.

However, over two decades later, Xbox is on a downward spiral, unable to find its footing despite releasing the world’s most capable console in 2020. As rumours of Microsoft’s next generation begin to surface, I can’t help but wonder if a return to Nvidia is the answer to Xbox’s qualms.

Why it matters: PlayStation’s current success means Sony won’t be too desperate to create the best hardware or cutting-edge features. This could give Xbox a chance to pull ahead.

Nvidia DLSS Effects
Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation Can Immediately Boost Frame Rate

The Nvidia Advantage

One might wonder why Xbox would even consider working with Nvidia when AMD’s partnership seems to work well enough.

For starters, Microsoft needs all the help it can get to sell its systems. While the console may be named the Xbox, it lacks the X-factor to force market share away from Sony.

Working with Nvidia would go hand in hand with Microsoft’s goal of cultivating an ecosystem based on artificial intelligence. DLSS and Frame Generation alone would be massive selling points for a potential Xbox console powered by Nvidia hardware.

While AMD offers FSR 3 as an alternative, Nvidia has always remained one step ahead of its rivals. For all we know, the latter has already come up with the next big leap in gaming graphics.

Having pioneered this technology for games, Nvidia also offers the best ray tracing in the industry. AMD is simply no match for Nvidia’s ray tracing capabilities at the moment, though rumours suggest the RDNA 4 architecture will provide a much-needed upgrade.

Once the next generation rolls around, ray tracing will no longer be as new for developers. I suspect it will be the foundation of all gaming graphics, so Xbox would have an instant advantage up its sleeves if it launched with more capable ray-tracing hardware.

If this wasn’t enough, Nvidia’s latest Ada Lovelace graphics cards are extremely efficient. Thanks to TSMC’s 4n process, they offer incredible performance at low power levels, which is suitable for lower-wattage console hardware.

Xbox Series X
Xbox Reportedly Intends To Get A Head Start Next Generation

Nvidia’s Console Gaming Endeavors

As mentioned earlier, Xbox has worked with Nvidia in the past. In fact, Nintendo is looking to partner with Nvidia for the Switch 2 in 2025. Nvidia has even worked with Sony for the PS3, highlighting a rich history with console gaming.

While the AI graphics company may no longer be as willing to collaborate today, Xbox is desperate. Microsoft’s position as a multibillion-dollar company also means it has more leverage than Sony or Nintendo in such situations.

If Xbox truly desires Nvidia hardware for its next-generation console, Microsoft has more than enough resources to make it happen.

Still, with consoles shifting toward APUs today, Nvidia’s ARM-based hardware would lead to problems with backward compatibility. Xbox could always go with separate CPU and GPU chips, though this may not be the wisest move for a platform already given less priority by the developers.

Whatever way you put it, Microsoft’s situation is not ideal. However, with Xbox outlining the goal of creating the biggest technical leap in gaming history, perhaps its ambitions will pave the way for a reunion with Nvidia.

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