UPDATE: This leak has been confirmed, and Microsoft has officially announced the inclusion of the games named in their Gamepass collection.

Xbox Gamepass has been taking over the gaming community like a storm. The value for money for the subscription is through the roof, with new games being added in gamepass every month. We are happy to report that the Xbox Gamepass March lineup has been leaked, and an official announcement is expected any time now.

Xbox Gamepass
Xbox Game Pass. Credit: Microsoft

On 15th March 2022 at 10:am (GMT +1), a well known and reliable source for Xbox game pass news just revealed seven new games that will be joining the Xbox Gamepass subscription. The main title out of the six latest games is expected to be F1 2021, according to Dealabs user Billbill-Kun.

F1 2021 is a stunning game that aims to provide gamers with the first-hand experience of F1. You can enjoy breathtaking new features in F1Ā® 2021, such as the thrilling story experience ‘Braking Point,’ two-player Career, and ‘Real-Season Start,’ which brings you even closer to the grid. In which Immerse yourself in the world’s greatest racing spectacle and compete alongside the 2021 season’s authentic lineup of twenty courageous drivers and ten renowned teams.

Furthermore, the complete list of games revealed by Billbill-Kun includes

Ā·         F1 2021

Ā·         The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk

Ā·         Weird West

Ā·         Shredders

Ā·         Zero Escape: The Nonary Games

Ā·         Norco


Deallabs Xbox games list
Games Expected To Join Gamepass Source: Deallabs (Billbill-Kun)

Billbill-kun leak makes no mention of platforms or release dates, implying that the games may not be coming to your preferred platform with the exception of Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, which may premiere only on PC.

Deallabs have been a solid source of information for upcoming games thining Xbox Gamepass; Billbill-Kun had mentioned last month that we could expect Gurardians of Galaxy to be added in Xbox Gamepass which later turned out to be true.

Official announcement should follow soon, providing better-detailed insights and filling the missing gaps such as dates and platforms it will be added on. Xbox Gamepass is slowly becoming a “must have” kind of subscription for gamers as it includes plenty of games for a fraction of cost if you decide to purchase games separately. It is slowly becoming the Netflix of the gaming world where you would expect to find most games on Xbox Gamepass.

Reports have suggested that Sony is under speedy development of their own version of Gamepass to compete with Xbox Gamepass; it is a tough time to be in Sony’s shoes as Xbox game pass is dominating the market.

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