Analyst Estimates Game Pass Reached 33.3 Million Users In 2023

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  • Xbox Game Pass grew by 13 percent last year.
  • This was slightly worse than its growth in 2022, which was 2% higher.
  • The service has reportedly reached 33.3 million users last year.

Xbox Game Pass has grown quickly since its inception. According to Microsoft, the service reached 25 million subscribers in early 2022, and an employee’s LinkedIn profile hinted at 30 million subscribers for the service last year.

However, the Microsoft employee was quick to backtrack, leaving fans scratching their heads when thinking about the actual number of Xbox Game Pass subscribers. According to analysts from Omdia, this service is currently at 33.3 million users.

Why it matters: The subscription is at the core of Microsoft’s gaming business today, making it essential for the service to grow at a consistent pace.

Hi-Fi Rush

As reported by IGN, according to senior game analyst James McWhirter, the subscription did, in fact, reach 30 million subscribers last year.

The analyst states Microsoft’s service grew by 13% in 2023. While impressive, this was a slight decline compared to 2022, where the service grew by 15% despite offering less impressive AAA titles.

Furthermore, James McWhirter states over 50% of the 33.3 million users are using Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. These numbers also exclude the recently introduced Xbox Game Pass Core, formerly known as Xbox Live Gold.

Overall, 2023 was a strong year for the service. With games worth $9000 and 50-day-one releases, gamers found plenty of value. Titles like Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, Lies of P, and more were just a few of the biggest names that were included in the subscription last year.

Continuing this momentum, 40 day-one releases are already confirmed for 2024. 

Hellblade 2

Still, it is a bit odd that Microsoft has yet to officially announce such numbers. One assumption is that the gaming giant was careful with such announcements in 2023 due to the ongoing Activision Blizzard merger.

While the merger is now successful, each move from the gaming giant was subject to scrutiny from regulators last year. Therefore, Microsoft may be ready to announce updated figures in 2024.

In 2024, Activision Blizzard’s catalog will enhance the subscription further. Games like Indiana Jones and Hellblade 2 could also be launched this year, expanding the AAA offerings of this service.

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