God of War Is PlayStation’s Best Franchise, Fans Claim

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PlayStation's Most Prized IP!

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  • The God of War series has existed since 2005.
  • This IP has continued to evolve alongside PlayStation, with a total of 8 major games today.
  • God of War 2018 rebooted the series with a new gameplay style.
  • Because of its continued popularity, many believe God of War is PlayStation’s best IP.

God of War continues to be one of PlayStation’s most valuable IPs today. Many fans fell in love with this series during the PS2 era, thanks to its jaw-dropping spectacle and satisfying combat that inspired other developers to offer a similar experience.

As the series began to lose steam, it evolved alongside its fans. God of War 2018 redefined the franchise at its core. This propelled the series to new heights, earning it the title of PlayStation’s best franchise from many fans.

Why it matters: Very few franchises have lasted as long as God of War in the industry. With over 6 mainline releases, a few spin-offs, and DLC releases like the excellent Valhalla, this series is doing better than ever despite its age.

Which is the best franchise?
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Fans on Reddit recently conducted a poll to discuss the best PlayStation IPs. While this discussion led to IPs like Uncharted and The Last of Us showing up, God of War ended up coming out in first place with 2.7K votes.

This series has become known for combining compelling narratives with deep combat systems. Recent games have implemented RPG elements, expanding the combat and adding a new layer of strategy to each encounter.

Santa Monica’s latest stories have also added a new depth to Kratos. His character development has been nothing short of incredible to witness throughout the year, making past adventures even more meaningful as the Greek protagonist finally comes to terms with his actions.

Today, Kratos is considered one of gaming’s very best protagonists.


Like fans of Reddit, Twitter users seem to agree with this notion, claiming God of War highlights the best of PlayStation’s talents in gaming.

Recent entries like God of War Ragnarok have sold 15 million units in less than two years. Meanwhile, leaks confirm classic releases like God of War 3 are still extremely popular among modern fans.

The finale of the Greek Saga is one of the most popular games on the PS Plus Classics catalog, and there is still demand for remakes of the old games to bring Kratos’ complete journey on modern PlayStation consoles.

Like the fans, we hold this series in high regard. Therefore, we do not find it surprising that God of War manages to stay ahead of other PlayStation IPs.

While God of War Ragnarok is already over a year old, many still consider it PS5’s best exclusive. More projects for this franchise are also in the works.

Job listings have hinted at a brand new entry from Santa Monica, and a leaker claims modern remasters are currently in development. Therefore, plenty of untapped potential remains in the IP, and we hope to see it going through another reinvention soon.

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