Unofficial 256GB Spider-Man 2 Port Already Available on PC

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Reportedly Includes Multiplayer Gameplay Too!

Story Highlights
  • Insomniac Games recently suffered from a data breach.
  • This led to leaked internal files, allowing modders to obtain a work-in-progress PC build of Spider-Man 2.
  • Modders have used this build to complete the PC port.
  • This unofficial port requires 256GB of storage space.

Spider-Man 2, one of the best superhero games to date, became an instant hit on the PS5, selling millions of units within 24 hours. Like its predecessor, the game was expected to arrive on PC in a few years, but an unfortunate data breach has accelerated the process.

Following a major ransomware attack on Insomniac last month, modders began to work on an unofficial PC port for the game. This build has now been completed, and a fully playable version of Spider-Man 2 can be found online for those smart enough to look in the right places.

Why it matters: Insomniac’s first two Spider-Man games are among PlayStation’s biggest PC ports, making this modded version a big deal for many users of the platform.

As reported by PC Focus, the team has finally released the playable PC port of the game. The build is, however, extremely heavy on storage, as it takes up 256GB for the full game.

Not too long ago, the same Twitter user shared various gameplay snippets from the PC port. Modders were able to get the game up and running without textures, but the complete build supposedly contains everything in a decent state.

The team has been able to figure things out at an astonishing pace, releasing the port in just over a month. Still, it is worth noting that the game isn’t perfect, so those who download it will experience graphical glitches and bugs not present in the official version.

We won’t be sharing any links to the port, but those invested in the story must already be aware of places to look for in such situations. However, with the story becoming more popular, Sony might intervene soon, looking to remove the game from the internet.


Interestingly, the Twitter user also claims modders have figured out how to enable multiplayer co-op in this version. However, it remains to be seen how well this part of the game works.

Not too long ago, an early build of Marvel’s Wolverine was also leaked online, making the game playable on PC before the official PS5 release.

Following the leaks, estimates point to the official Spider-Man 2 PC Port arriving in early 2025 at the latest. Therefore, while this leaked build might seem enticing, we suggest waiting for the official version to experience the game at its best on the platform.

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