Baldur’s Gate 3 Dev Won’t Put Any Games on Subscription

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Larian Believes Subscriptions Are Harmful For Gaming!

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  • The founder of Larian Studios is not too fond of subscription services.
  • He believes subscriptions might negatively impact the gaming industry.
  • Swen Vincke also confirmed that none of Larian Studios’ games will be released on any subscription services.

Ubisoft recently spoke on the growing influence of digital libraries and subscription services. The head of subscriptions at the French giant asked gamers to become accustomed to the lack of game ownership.

This statement gained a lot of traction and prompted a reply from Swen Vincke, the Larian Studios founder. He states content will remain king and claims that his studio will never put games on subscription services.

Why it matters: While subscription services are great for the consumer, many developers hold the opinion that they will degrade the overall quality of content as studios struggle to stand out in a slew of offerings.


Swen Vincke believes that it will become very hard to get good games if subscription services become the dominant model and a selective group of people gets to decide what goes to market. He stated:

“Direct from developer to players is the way.”

He believes subscriptions will always be geared toward cost/benefit analysis from the companies, focused first and foremost on maximizing profit.

This would make it harder for smaller games to reach further heights, negating the current appeal of services like Xbox Game Pass. The end result in such an industry could be that games would be greenlit based on the subscription service.

Swen Vincke claims that nobody wants that, as content is always king. The developer has certainly raised an interesting point and one that is worth thinking about, considering his experience and position in the industry.

In the past, Swen Vincke confirmed that he would not put Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox Game Pass. Ending his latest discussion, he reiterated this approach, stating that this would also be the case for all future Larian Studios games. Swen Vincke said:

“You won’t find our games on a subscription service.”

He admitted that the model can be quite enticing for many teams.

Studios like the team behind Lies of P have previously praised their Xbox Game Pass release as a thrilling opportunity, but Larian Studios’ founder does not want a future where subscriptions are the only means to access games.

The developer hopes a traditional game ecosystem can still thrive as it does today. However, with nearly every gaming giant investing in a subscription model, Swen Vincke’s fears might come true in the near future.

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