It appears that vampire games have had a good year, as there are many vampire-related games on the market right now, all of which are performing well.

V Rising: Vampire is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting titles right now. Just one week after its release, Stunlock says that its latest vampire title has surpassed one million sales, which is a huge accomplishment in such a short period of time. It is on its way to becoming one of the most popular well-received games of all time.

V Rising was an instant hit on Steam, with over 46,000 concurrent players on its first day. Moreover, the popular vampire game V Rising later outperformed GTA V, Elden Rings, Rust, FIFA 22, Team Fortress 2, and Density in terms of 24-peak active players. V Rising has sold over a million copies on Steam in less than a week, according to Stunlock.

“I don’t think anybody expected it to be quite this big,” Stunlock community manager Jeremy Fielding told IGN.

V Rising PlayerCount

Stunlock Studios has created an open-world survival game that allows you to go around the environment in the third person. At the start of the game, you can fully customise your character.

You begin the game by gathering essential items that allow you to manufacture first-tier weaponry, as in previous survival games, and then you move through the tier rankings.

Furthermore, you begin as an awakened vampire who must rise through the ranks of the empire to become a Dracula. This twist may have piqued people’s interest in the game, and the temptation to rise through the ranks to finally become a Dracula is quite a hook.

The official Twitter account for VRising has published its first week’s gameplay statistics, and it appears that the community has spent a lot of time and effort on this game.

Regardless, it’s thrilling to see a different type of game succeed, and it’s unexpected that the general public has so warmly welcomed vampire games. We previously reported on the popularity of Vampire Masquerade, a vampire-themed Free-To-Play battle royale game that received excellent feedback despite having little to no promotion.

We genuinely hope that there will be more variety in terms of games in the future so that we can finally get our hands on some fresh and innovative ideas.

 Have you played V Rising? What are your thoughts on the title?

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