The Witcher Spin-off To Feature Multiplayer With Class Based System

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Expect Different Combat & Roles For Each Class!

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  • We found a job listing that points toward class-based gameplay for the upcoming multiplayer Witcher game.
  • This project previously went through a reboot at The Molasses Flood.
  • The job listing suggests characters will be divided into various roles, possibly separating melee and spell-based combat.

CDPR is currently working on The Witcher 4. However, this is not the only project to anticipate for fans of the IP. A remake of the original game and another spin-off from The Molasses Flood is currently in the works.

The Molasses Flood’s project introduces multiplayer elements to the franchise, carrying the potential for a fresh take on the IP. While little else is known about the project, we spotted a job listing for a Senior Combat Designer that points to class-based gameplay for the title.

Witcher Multiplayer Job Listing
The Senior Combat Designer Will Handle Various Tasks At The Molasses Flood

The Molasses Flood is looking to drive the vision and implementation of the combat experience in a multiplayer Witcher game.

Implement each character type’s combat behavior using techniques such as behavior trees, animation graphics, and blueprints.

-The Molasses Flood

What’s interesting here is that the team points to “character types.” This implies a class-based system akin to other multiplayer titles that divide their characters into specific roles.

Going by The Witcher’s universe, perhaps the characters will be limited to different builds for melee combat, spell-based gameplay, and more. This would certainly lead to an interesting system.

The developer aims to make the combat fun, satisfying, and scaleable from the early to the late game. Whoever gets this role will report directly to the Lead Gameplay Designer.

The Witcher 4
CDPR’s Main Team Is Leading The Witcher 4

The Senior Combat Designer will handle the smallest elements in the combat system. These will range from animation length and balancing to the i-frame properties.

As expected, The Molasses Flood relies on Unreal Engine for this project. This should help the team collaborate with CD Projekt RED since The Witcher 4 and Cyberpunk 2077’s sequel are using the same engine.

Previously, it was said that CDPR re-evaluated the scope of the project and shifted in a different direction. The Molasses Flood’s current approach is mostly a mystery for now, but it seems to have stuck with class-based combat roles for the gameplay.

Fans seem to be quite welcoming to the idea of a multiplayer spin-off in The Witcher universe, hoping for it to turn into something much larger eventually.

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