Bioshock 4 Development Ramps Up With New Wave of Hirings

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New Look At Bioshock 4 May Arrive Soon!

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  • Bioshock 4 has been in the works for many years.
  • A Senior Cinematic Designer from 2K recently confirmed that development is now being ramped up.
  • The team is looking to hire 30 new developers, suggesting that rapid progress will be made soon.

A few months ago, 2K confirmed that work on Bioshock 4 was still moving ahead. Led by developer Cloud Chamber, this entry serves to recapture the bizarre and atmospheric nature of this beloved franchise.

While series creator Ken Levine is moving ahead with his own promising project, fans are excited about Bioshock’s future. Fortunately, another promising update on the project has shown up, with Cloud Chamber claiming to have ramped up development.

Why it matters: It was previously speculated that Bioshock 4 was stuck in development hell. However, the latest hirings paint a more encouraging picture.

Bioshock 4
Bioshock 4 development update via LinkedIn

As shared by Jeff Spoonhower, development is expected to speed up soon. As he writes, the team is hiring for various roles, indicating that development has reached a new stage of production.

Among the new roles on offer, Cloud Chamber is looking for animators, artists, engineers, writers, designers, and more. As many as 30 positions are currently available, hinting at significant efforts to complete work on Bioshock 4.

The Bioshock team at Cloud Chamber is ramping up.

-Jeff Spoonhower

While this update is certainly encouraging, fans should not expect Bioshock 4 to launch anytime soon.

What this could mean, however, is that a new trailer or gameplay reveal is closer than anticipated. Perhaps the team will be able to share something by the end of this year or 2025.

Bioshock Infinite Rapture
Bioshock’s Stories And Locations Stand Out In The Industry

Bioshock Infinite recently celebrated its 11th anniversary, marking more than a decade since this IP last appeared.

Fans are undoubtedly growing restless, but 2K’s messaging is clear. It has asked audiences for more time to deliver the best game possible. All eyes are now on 2K and Cloud Chamber as fans anticipate further announcements.

The excitement and anticipation for this series will likely be even higher by next year due to Ken Levine’s Judas, which appears to be a spiritual successor to this critically acclaimed series.

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