The Witcher 4: Combat Overhaul Should Be Top Priority of CDPR

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A Combat Overhaul is Much Needed in The Witcher 4!

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  • The combat in The Witcher 3, though decent back then, feels outdated compared to newer RPGs.
  • The Witcher 4 should take inspiration from the combat system of other popular titles.
  • The movement and camera controls in The Witcher 3 felt sluggish at times. CDPR can also improve this aspect.

Released in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt still stands out as a significant milestone in RPG history. Its vast world, detailed narrative quests, and unforgettable characters keep players hooked to this day.

However, even die-hard fans acknowledge that the combat system hasn’t aged well. While it portrayed Geralt’s intense fighting style, it now feels somewhat outdated compared to newer games. The combat system in The Witcher 3 was great at the time, but it can certainly use an overhaul in the upcoming game.

With CD Projekt Red making The Witcher 4 their priority, revamping the combat should be the studio’s main focus, in my opinion. The studio is more than capable of doing so, as they completely overhauled Cyberpunk’s combat in the Phantom Liberty update.

Why it matters: CDPR recently outlined its plans for The Witcher 4 and indicated that the game won’t be a Witcher 3 clone. That means the studio should have the creativity and freedom to try out new combat styles for the new game.

The Witcher 3
The Witcher 4 begs for a much-needed combat overhaul.

The Witcher 4 Must Take Inspiration From The Best

The Witcher 3’s combat felt like wrestling a greased pig underwater. Geralt, despite being a master swordsman, often struggled to connect blows due to enemy dodging and a sluggish lock-on system. 

Parrying attacks felt more like luck than skill, and the weight of Geralt’s weapons wasn’t adequately conveyed. While the magic signs added some variety and strategy, they didn’t always feel fair in how powerful they were.

Since The Witcher 3, the RPG landscape has evolved significantly. Games like Elden Ring and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have redefined combat with a focus on precise timing, impactful strikes, and enemy posture management.

These games focus on player skill, rewarding smart moves like dodging and blocking at just the right moment. The Witcher 4 could learn immensely from this approach, making Geralt’s combat feel more responsive and rewarding.

The Witcher 4 Combat
Geralt needs a new dance in The Witcher 4.

A Combat System Befitting a Witcher

Imagine a Witcher 4 where Geralt’s swordplay feels weighty and precise. Enemies should react realistically to Geralt’s attacks, with well-timed blocks and dodges creating opportunities for devastating counterattacks.

A revamped parry system that emphasizes timing and reflexes would add another layer of satisfaction. I’m not saying CDPR should outright copy the Souls-like formula, as it could turn off a lot of players. However, they could draw inspiration from it and create something similar or better.

Furthermore, in the Witcher world, there are a bunch of distinct abilities called signs. In The Witcher 4, these signs shouldn’t just look cool โ€“ they should be part of the combat.

Imagine using Aard to stop enemies mid-attack or Igni to sizzle tough armor. Quen could be changed to make smart moves more rewarding, like timing a counter after blocking with it.

Moreover, the movement felt slow at times in The Witcher 3. CDPR could focus on improving how movement and camera work. This developer already has the blueprint; they just need to improve upon it.

The Witcher 4
A combat overhaul could be the key to success for the upcoming Witcher title.

The Heart of The Witcher

In The Witcher, a good story and a detailed open world are important, but the combat is where the real action happens. Geralt’s all about hunting monsters and getting into intense fights.

If the fighting feels awkward and clunky, it can spoil the game. By focusing on improving the existing combat system, CDPR can make sure The Witcher 4 lives up to the hype of the older games and becomes a new favorite for RPG fans.

With over 50 million sales of The Witcher 3, expectations for The Witcher 4 are high. I just hope CDPR doesn’t pull another Cyberpunk blunder with this game.

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