The Witcher 3 Has Achieved Over 50 Million Sales Worldwide

Over 50 Million Copies Sold!

The Witcher 3 quickly became a massive hit with both critics and gamers thanks to a vibrant open world, impressive visuals, and more. It would also go on to win the Game of The Year award in 2015, but it continues to achieve new milestones nearly a decade later.

Adding to the game’s achievements, CD Projekt Red has officially confirmed that the game has sold over 50 million copies.

Why it matters: The Witcher is the most successful franchise from CD Projekt Red, and with the recent next-gen update, the game is winning the hearts of many yet again.


The Witcher 3 had sold nearly 28 million copies by December 2019. A few years later, it crossed the 30 million milestone in 2021.

CD Projekt Red provided updated sales figures last year in April, confirming that the game had sold over 40 million units. This means that the previous 12 months have resulted in an enormous sales boost of 10 million sold copies for the RPG.

Recently, The Witcher 3 also saw a new update for current-gen consoles and PC, adding features like ray tracing to the title. This likely encouraged many new players to try the game for the first time.

Following the update, The Witcher 3 also became one of the top 3 rated games of 2023 on Metacritic.

Moreover, the CD Projekt team has also confirmed that The Witcher franchise has sold over 75 million copies.

The Witcher franchise crossed the 50 million sales milestones in 2021, and in the last two years, the franchise sold nearly 25 million copies, likely due to the popularity of the third game.

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