The Next Witcher Won’t Be Witcher 3 In New Clothing, Says CDPR

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Witcher 4 Won't Repeat What Was Already Done!

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  • CDPR is exploring new areas and options for The Witcher 4.
  • It does not want to create a new version of The Witcher 3 again.
  • The RPG will enter full production soon.

The Witcher 4 received an exciting update from CDPR recently. This studio is soon headed into full production as it aims to offer another ground-breaking RPG.

A team of over 400 developers is working toward this ambitious goal. CDPR has also made it clear that the team has no intentions of retreading old ground with The Witcher 4, stating that the game will aim to be a fresh experience.

Why it matters: Following The Witcher 3’s success, it only seems natural for the studio to follow the same formula and expand upon it. However, the team seems to have much bigger goals.

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During a recent earnings conference, CDPR discussed its future games and ambitions with investors.

When asked about the release date of The Witcher 4, joint CEO Michal Nowakowski stated that he would not be able to give away any exact details. However, he did not leave the investors without a subtle hint.

The joint CEO went on to say that the team is exploring new fields for this project. He then clarified that the next game would not be an ordinary sequel.

You should not be expecting a Witcher 3 in new clothing.

-Michal Nowakowski

According to the joint CEO, The Witcher 4 will still borrow elements from its predecessor.

However, the studio’s current focus is to offer a wide array of new features, including gameplay mechanics and other elements never before seen in this franchise. The end goal for CDPR is to achieve something it has not done before.

The Witcher 4
CDPR’s Next Project Might End Up Bigger Than Cyberpunk 2077

According to CDPR, the team will spend more time on this game than any of its past releases. Therefore, production might not be completed anytime soon, but the wait is expected to be worth it.

CDPR also clarified its stance on microtransactions recently. The team is not interested in this practice, so The Witcher 4 should be safe from a trend that is becoming increasingly popular industry-wide.

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