The Day Before Dev Returns, Citing Hateful Narrative For Failure

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Blaming Bloggers For Causing Too Much Negativity!

Story Highlights
  • The controversial saga of The Day Before continues with a new response from Fntastic.
  • The developer’s latest statement blames bloggers for hate campaigns against the game.
  • Developer Fntastic claims it will be back again despite the hate.

The Day Before was sold based on copied trailers, stolen ideas, and false promises. As expected, it did not take long for everyone to figure this scam out, leading to the game’s closure, further cemented by the servers permanently going offline yesterday.

While many thought this would be the last of developer Fntastic’s shady antics, the team returned to the spotlight a day later. The studio’s latest social media post responds to recent controversies, claiming that The Day Before failed due to a hate campaign.

Why it matters: The developer is only making things worse with such responses, further damaging its already tarnished reputation.

The Day Before is lost forever, but Fntastic is not willing to back down. In its latest statement, the team claims that it worked hard on the game for five years without crowdfunding or pre-orders.

The developers want to clarify that they were not a fly-by-night company and had been working for over 9 years in the industry. The message then pointed to the refunds issued to consumers who purchased The Day Before, even extending to those who did not ask for refunds.

Fntastic asserts that bloggers made a lot of money from negative coverage of The Day Before, blaming the supposed hate campaign for the ultimate failure. The developer said:

“the hate campaign had already inflicted significant damage.”

According to this message, The Day Before made significant strides after its initial launch. The game improved a lot after the initial patches, leading to access requests from certain players after the servers were shut down. Fntastic stated:

“many people wrote to us that bloggers had deceived them and they liked the game.”

It has also been claimed that petitions were made to continue the development of this failed MMO. While we doubt the validity of this claim, The Day Before was sold at exorbitant prices on the black market, with modders working on a possible offline crack.

The Day Before

It is hard to take developer Fntastic’s comments seriously after everything this team pulled off in December.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, The Day Before may have had a few redeeming qualities. However, everything around the few positives was so poor that the game would have crashed regardless of the general public’s outcry.

Ending this long message, Fntastic claims that social media users should stay tuned to their social channels for more information on the team’s next projects.

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