The Day Before Is Officially Dead As Servers Go Offline

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Good Riddance!

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  • The Day Before was released last month and met with great criticism at launch.
  • As the developers promised, the game servers officially died today.
  • The game has been lost for good.

The Day Before was last year’s most controversial release. It was launched in such a terrible state that the developers announced closure just four days after the game was released to abysmal reviews.

Marking one of gaming’s biggest scams, The Day Before was announced to be shut down in the third week of January. As promised, the game is no longer playable since The Day Before is officially dead.

Why it matters: This game was sold on false marketing. The development also relied on plagiarism and existing assets, with the game failing to deliver most of what was shown in the early footage.

The Day Before

As reported by PCGamesN, the servers of The Day Before are no longer active. No servers for North America, Europe, or Asia are available in the game anymore.

Much like developer Fntastic, this title can no longer be found in its entirety. Trying to play the game will leave players stuck in the menus since connecting to a server is not possible.

SteamDB reports a single active player for the game in the last 24 hours. This is a stark contrast to its launch in early December when the game enjoyed a peak of nearly 40K concurrent players.

With major hits like Palworld and Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown dominating the gaming industry in early 2024, however, it is no surprise that everyone has already moved from this disaster of a release.

Though the servers have been shut down today, The Day Before had already become a wasteland long ago. The game lost most of its players within a few days, with a few staying behind to watch the aftermath.

The Day Before Steam Player Count
Source: SteamDB

Still, a mod is currently in the works to make the MMO playable again. Using an offline crack, the game may find new life through cracked servers, but it won’t be able to live up to the false claims made by developer Fntastic.

The Day Before illustrates the harmful impacts of lies and deceitful marketing. Despite a small burst of popularity at release, the game and its developers have become remnants of the gaming industry’s bitter past.

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