Modding Community To Revive The Day Before With Offline Crack

The Day Before Offline Crack In The Works!

Story Highlights
  • The Day Before was released back on 7 December.
  • However, the game was flooded with negative reviews, forcing the studio to shut it down.
  • Modders are now trying to save the game, hoping to create an offline mod for it.

Fntastic finally delivered its fantastic scam, The Day Before, after numerous fake trailers on 7 December. However, hoping to get away with the money from preorders, the studio was shut down four days after this launch, with the game being delisted from Steam.

As of now, there is no alternate way to buy the game through Steam. While a few key resellers are charging exorbitant prices for the title, it will soon go offline permanently. However, modders are trying to preserve the game through offline cracking.

Why it matters: Various old games still exist through cracked servers today despite the lack of official support. Therefore, there is no telling how this mod will impact the future of The Day Before.

Modders Luci0 and Fskartd announced they are working on an offline mod for the game.

They are planning to reroute the game’s server connection to a local server, and in doing so, they will allow users to access the game offline. There is no release date for the mod yet, but the modders are trying their best to make it available as soon as possible.

While we don’t suspect anybody hopes to play The Day Before after its servers cease operation, additional options are always welcome. If nothing else, the crack will serve to remind everyone of the scam Fntastic almost pulled off.

Still, this mod has led to curiosity, with many questioning why modders are going through the effort to preserve such a poor game. It seems this project serves the purpose of letting new players try the game free of cost after its blatant scam was proven to everyone.

The Day Before

We recently reported that the game’s servers will go dark on January 22, but until then, The Day Before is still playable.

Despite evidence of the game being a scam from the beginning, the studio was able to find quite the success with this release in the beginning. Selling over 100K copies, Fntastic made a lot of money from a game that was mostly an asset flip with hardly any originality.

Unfortunately, the developer will not be able to benefit from these purchases since Steam has issued thousands of refunds, and the developer has erased all traces of its actions from social media.

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