Tango Gameworks Switching To Unreal Engine 5 For Next Game

Next Game Uses Unreal Engine 5!

Unreal Engine has been a popular choice for AAA developers in the past. With the introduction of the latest version of the engine, it is expected to grow in popularity. Like other developers, Tango Gameworks has used Unreal Engine in the last few years.

Previous games from the studio, like Ghostwire: Tokyo and Hi-Fi Rush, have used Unreal Engine 4, but a LinkedIn profile hints that Tango Gameworks is ready to make the switch to Unreal Engine 5.

Why it matters: Unreal Engine 5 has seen widespread adoption throughout the industry. Popular developers like CD Projekt Red have also shifted all development to the engine.

As spotted by Twitter user Timur222, Masahiro Matsumura from Tango Gameworks is currently working with Houdini.

The developer’s LinkedIn profile states that he is also utilizing Unreal Engine 5. This means that the next game from the studio will likely be based on the engine. Previously, games like Fortnite have shown the potential of Unreal Engine 5.

New additions like Lumen and Nanite can transform games, drastically improving the visuals. The studio already has plenty of experience with Unreal Engine 4, so the transition to the latest version should be smooth.

While Tango Gameworks has already used the engine in the past, developers like EA Motive are switching to Unreal Engine 5 for Iron Man. The studio previously used Frostbite for the recently released Dead Space Remake.

Tango Gameworks has found incredible success with Hi-Fi Rush. The developer’s latest title was shadow-dropped during the Xbox Developer Direct, and it became an instant hit after its release, climbing the Steam best-sellers charts.

The studio’s next project remains a mystery, but a report claimed that Tango Gameworks is developing a JRPG. A job listing has also hinted that multiplayer elements may be involved in the developer’s next game.

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