The long-awaited Summer Game Fest is just around the corner, and a two-days-wait only adds to the anticipation for the fans. Since we know the Summer Game Fest will focus more on announced games, we already have a list of the potential games revealed on the big day.

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The live event will occur on June 9, 2022, which is a few days away. However, leakers and data analysts are already working on digging up the information that they could potentially leak before the big day.

This happened to be the case with Roberto Serrano, who was previously correct about the Street Fighter 6 and the Resident Evil 4 Remake. He had predicted the arrival of both the games earlier and was accurate with his predictions. 

The Ukrainian leaker posted an array of tweets consisting of the list of games that will be announced at the Summer Game Fest. 

The leaker claims that we will get a Returnal PC version, which might very well be true since we already had the leaked screenshots of the game. Resident Evil Village is said to get a DLC, and the PS5-exclusive Silent Hill game is also set to be announced. 

Additionally, Layers of Fear 3 will be getting a release date with the trailer being shown. The Golden Eye game will also be announced with a trailer, which confirms the rumors regarding the game’s remaster.

Need for Speed is getting a comeback in 2022 since EA is one of the partners of the Summer Game Fest. According to previous rumors, the One Piece game was set to be revealed on March 28, 2022, but will be announced at this live event. 

Persona 5, which was coming to Xbox Game Pass, is now coming to PC and will be announced on the big day.

Genshin Impact’s trailer will be released. Fortnite will get its screen time, and Dwayne, “The Rock” Johnson, will also be on the set as he was featured in the game as Black Adam. Mafia 4, a prequel to the first Mafia game, will also make its way to the Summer Game Fest.

Elden Ring’s DLC is expected to be announced at the live event. This might get the game to sell more copies and exceed its record of selling 13.4m units worldwide. Dead Space Remake will get a release date as well. 

Furthermore, Lord of the Rings: Golem will make its way on the big screen along with F1 2022. This would be an exciting moment for the F1 fans who recently lost the previous F1 2020 from consoles since it has been delisted

With his legitimate identity as a leaker, a lot of people still throw shade on the leaker’s recent post about the release of the list of these games, stating along the lines of “he has been correct with a few things that don’t mean he would always be correct.”

That is why you need to take all the information with a grain of salt. If it proves to be wrong, we shrug it off like it never happened. If it is said to be correct, we enjoy it because we already got a heads-up before the live event. 

What are your thoughts and expectations about the Summer Game Fest? Let us know in the comments. We appreciate your feedback.

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