Suicide Squad Is one of The Most Optimized Games, Says Developer

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"60FPS With 4 Characters Is Not Easy"

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  • Suicide Squad is out tomorrow, and it runs at 60FPS.
  • A Rocksteady developer states the game is among the most optimized AAA titles on the market.
  • He explained that it was not easy to get a co-op game with an open-world running at 60FPS.

The release of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is right around the corner. Denuvo has been added to the game as the launch draws nearer, but fans should not be concerned about performance.

A developer from Rocksteady has outlined the game’s optimization, stating that Suicide Squad is one of the most optimized games he has worked on.

Why it matters: A number of games in 2023 were released in poor states. In particular, PC gaming suffered the most, with many broken ports.

Del Walker currently works at Naughty Dog, but the developer was previously part of Rocksteady Studios. Having worked on games like Batman Arkham Knight, he has built quite a portfolio in the gaming industry.

He recently commented on the size of Suicide Squad for PS5. Unlike most games today, this looter-shooter takes up less than 50GB, leading to praise for Rocksteady’s compression from users on social media.

Joining the discussion, Del Walker stated:

“This was one of the most well-optimized games I worked on.”

He pointed out that Suicide Squad runs at 60FPS on consoles. Despite this frame rate, the game offers seamless co-op with four characters in a massive open world. The developer highlights that this is no easy task to accomplish.

In 2022, Gotham Knights offered a similar co-op experience. However, WB Games Montreal cited co-op as the primary reason for a 30FPS cap on consoles. To that end, Rocksteady has done a much better job already.

Del Walker explained this frame rate required careful development.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The team had to ensure the textures and polygons were optimized to maintain this frame rate target without compromising visuals.

Since the developer was replying to a tweet mentioning the PS5 version, it remains to be seen whether the game will be just as optimized for PC. Batman Arkham Knight, the studio’s last release, was an infamous disaster on the platform.

With Rocksteady noticeably more confident in Suicide Squad’s optimization, a similar scenario is unlikely to be repeated.

However, after the embargo was lifted, Alpha players claimed optimization was a mixed bag. Therefore, it may be best to wait for official testing before jumping to conclusions.

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