Mass Effect 2 Set A New Bar For RPGs 14 Years Ago

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Mass Effect 2 Is Still Incredible!

Story Highlights
  • Mass Effect 2 debuted as one of the best RPG shooter games in 2010, turning 14 recently.
  • This game was lauded for its rich cast of characters, improved gameplay, and loyalty quests that explored the companions.
  • Many still consider this game BioWare’s best release to date.

BioWare is one of the biggest names in the RPG genre. Having created the Mass Effect series, this developer has successfully pioneered uncountable memorable narratives, hoping to do the same with Mass Effect 4 as it returns to the IP’s roots.

Mass Effect 2, perhaps the best game from the studio, recently celebrated its 14th anniversary. Despite its age, the game remains a masterclass in the RPG genre, blending compelling narratives with weighty third-person shooter gameplay.

Why it matters: This game is still held in high regard among fans of RPGs. Many believe it raised the bar for story-telling and decision-making in games, with nothing quite like it arriving in the years that followed.

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Following the critically acclaimed first game, Mass Effect 2 took a step back and followed a more personal story. At the same time, this game was darker, raising the stakes for all characters involved.

The gameplay was much improved over the original Mass Effect. With smoother movement, more impactful gunplay, and greater control over the squad, playing the game became just as enjoyable as experiencing its narrative.

Featuring characters like Grunt, Thane, and Miranda, the game offers unique motivations and personalities for each companion. These individuals flourished in the loyalty missions, quests that would explore their personal hurdles and backstories.

Fleshing out these characters became a crucial part of the game. Even more impressive was how well all of these stories came together, meticulously woven together into the main narrative involving protagonist Shepherd.

Mass Effect 2 managed to make players truly care for their crew. Everyone aboard the Normandy was family, and the game tested the player’s commitment to the crew in an epic climax that left little room for error for the best possible ending.

Mass Effect 2

For all these reasons and more, Mass Effect 2 is often considered one of the best games of all time. The RPG took home several Game of the Year awards in 2010, but its many strengths remain extremely impressive to this day.

It was also a massive commercial success, selling 2 million units within a week. Over 14 years ago, this was no small feat.

In 2021, the Mass Effect franchise was remastered as the Legendary Edition.

This became another hit for BioWare, exceeding expectations. Today, the studio is fully focused on Mass Effect 4. While it suffered from layoffs last year, the team is committed to returning to the high standards set by past entries.

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