New Metro Game Expected To Be Revealed This Week

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As Part of State of Play on Jan 31st!

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  • A leaker has revealed the complete list of games for Sony’s next State of Play, which includes a new Metro game.
  • This title will focus on VR gameplay, though it remains to be confirmed if it will be solely focused on VR.
  • The game is reportedly titled Metro Awakening.

Metro Exodus is quickly approaching its fifth anniversary. 4A Games has been working on a sequel to the game for many years, with reports previously hinting at a reveal at Gamescom 2023.

Though this did not come to fruition, PlayStation is gearing up for a State of Play soon. A list of this event’s games has been leaked online, stating that the upcoming Metro game will be part of the State of Play.

Why it matters: The Metro franchise has excelled in world-building and survival-horror elements. With deeply immersive gameplay mechanics in atmospheric worlds, fans have been waiting to see 4A Games working on a new generation of consoles.

This leak comes from Kurakasis on Twitter. The user has previously researched patents and job listings to reveal the existence of a sequel to Lords of the Fallen. Kurakasis seems to have returned with a new report on Metro.

According to his sources, the game will be a single-player title based on VR. Titled Metro Awakening, the VR focus might indicate a PlayStation partnership due to Sony’s focus on PS VR 2.

The source has been unable to confirm if Metro Awakening will be exclusive to VR. Other sources also claimed that 4A Games was experimenting with multiplayer gameplay, but this is still a rumor for now.

4A Games was expected to be working on an open-world game for the sequel to Metro Exodus. This would mark the first major AAA release for the team in many years, leading to excitement among the community. However, this leak has flipped expectations.

Metro Exodus

The Metro series has always been quite popular among fans of survival games. Metro Exodus sold over 8.5 million units, so it would be a bit odd to see the studio pivoting to a VR-only title for its sequel.

It is also possible that this game is more of a spin-off than a direct sequel. The VR format would help the series enhance its immersive elements, bringing the dark and eye-catching environment of Metro to new levels of realism.

Therefore, a spin-off might not be a bad idea.

This leak comes ahead of another report detailing PlayStation’s next State of Play. According to insider Nick Baker, this event features games like Silent Hill 2 Remake, Death Stranding 2, Judas, and more.

Overall, it should be much bigger than the typical State of Play from Sony, possibly serving as a mini-showcase. The inclusion of a new Metro game should be a nice bonus, adding to the excitement for this popular survival franchise.

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