Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Features 164 Characters At Launch

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Biggest Launch Roster In Dragon Ball History!

Story Highlights
  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero has just received a new trailer.
  • This trailer outlines Goku & Vegeta’s rivalry, showcasing their many forms.
  • It also teases the full roster, confirming a whopping 164 character slots.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero marks the return of the beloved Budokai Tenkaichi series. Best known for its fast-paced battles and massive roster size, games like Budoaki Tenkaichi 3 are often considered the best adaptations of the anime.

The latest take on this formula was revealed last year when Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero. One year later, the publisher has released a new trailer for the game, teasing an incredibly expansive roster of characters.

Why it matters: The character roster made Budokai Tenkaichi stand out among other Dragon Ball games. Featuring practically every character fans would ever want, the franchise raised the bar for rosters in Dragon Ball games.

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Previously, a new trailer for the game was revealed at The Game Awards. It featured playable characters from the modern era of Dragon Ball, including Jiren, Super Broly, and Super Saiyan Blue Goku.

The latest trailer is exclusively focused on Goku and Vegeta, highlighting their many forms. Like its predecessor, Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero practically includes every form these characters possess.

Toward the end, Bandai Namco shows the full roster. Counting the number of slots reveals a total of 164 playable characters, eclipsing the launch rosters of every previous Dragon Ball game.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 also shipped with over 160 characters.

However, it had the benefit of building on two previous games. Therefore, 164 characters is an incredibly strong number for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, with more fighters expected to join the roster as DLC.

It should be noted that different forms are counted as separate characters. Therefore, several of the 164 slots are taken by Goku and Vegeta alone. However, fans can expect nearly every main character from Dragon Ball Z and Super to show up in the game.

Despite three trailers being available, the game has yet to receive a proper release date. Given Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero’s scope, the game might not arrive until 2025, giving the team enough time to polish this game before launch.

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