Akuma Makes Demonic Entrance In Street Fighter 6 on May 22

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Stay Tuned For Street Fighter's Iconic Villain!

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  • Akuma is finally joining Street Fighter 6.
  • The character has been revealed in an extensive gameplay trailer.
  • He will also come with a significant patch to balance the roster.

Street Fighter 6 stands out as a significant addition to Capcom’s legendary fighting game series. It has proven to be commercially successful, surpassing 1 million units sold within just three days of its release and maintaining strong sales thereafter.

As the game approaches its first anniversary, fans eagerly await the addition of Akuma to the roster. After a teaser trailer last month, Capcom has finally confirmed a release date, and Akuma arrives on May 22nd, 2024.

Why it matters: Akuma has become a beloved character in the Street Fighter universe, and his presence is eagerly anticipated in each new installment. With his introduction just a month away in Street Fighter 6, the excitement is higher than ever.

YouTube video

The official Street Fighter YouTube channel has also unveiled the gameplay trailer for Akuma, making him the fourth DLC character to join the roster.

Alongside Akuma, a new stage called Enma’s Hollow will be added. This is where Akuma trains for his monstrous strength. Additionally, Outfit 3 will be introduced for all Year 1 characters, including Rashid, AKI, Ed, and Akuma.

Only players who own the Year 1 Ultimate Pass, Year 1 Character Pass, or Ultimate Edition can access Akuma, the new stage, and the additional outfits. The character’s moveset will feature a new thrusting technique named Adamant Flame alongside various iconic moves like the Gou Hadoken fireball.

Moreover, the Akuma update will include a significant balance patch affecting all characters, introducing changes that will greatly impact character preferences and player strategies.

street fighter 6 1 million players
Street Fighter 6 Launched To Over 65K Players On Steam

Capcom has also included an outfit inspired by Akuma’s original look. This addition will undoubtedly evoke nostalgia for those who played 1994’s Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, where Akuma debuted as a hidden boss.

As fans of the character, we can say that no Street Fighter game is truly complete without Akuma. Over the years, this character has been featured in various other IPs, including Asura’s Wrath, Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom.

We are looking forward to what Capcom has in store for us in Year 2, but more importantly, we are anticipating what balance changes will be introduced in the update and how they will affect the gameplay.

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