Street Fighter 6

Capcom Sold Nearly 46 Million Games Last Year To Set New Record

Capcom has set a new record for the number of games sold in a single year, with operating income and profits also going up.

Akuma Makes Demonic Entrance In Street Fighter 6 on May 22

Following EVO Japan, Akuma has been officially unveiled for Street Fighter 6. The iconic character is set to join the roster on May 22nd.

Street Fighter 6 Reached 2 Million Sales Milestone

Just three days after its launch, Street Fighter 6 sold 1 million copies, and now it has sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

Street Fighter 6 Has Reached Over 1 Million Players

Less than a whole week after launch, Capcom has already reached over a million players with Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Launches To Over 65K Concurrent Steam Users

Street Fighter 6 has left recent fighting games in the dust, reaching over 65K concurrent players on Steam within 24 hours.

Street Fighter 6 Is Currently The Best-Selling Game On Steam

Street Fighter 6 has shown remarkable reception and the game has also reached the top spot on Steam's best-selling chart.

Street Fighter 6 Review Roundup – Another Win For Capcom

Street Fighter 6 reviews are out, and they are extremely positive, making it one of the best fighting games in the series.

Street Fighter 6 Open Beta Reportedly Coming This Month

A new report hints at a potential open beta test for Capcom's Street Fighter 6, which might be coming this month.

Capcom Cup X To Feature Street Fighter 6 With $1 Million Award For Winner

It was recently revealed that the next Capcom Cup will feature Street Fighter 6, and the winner will receive an award of $1 million.

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