Street Fighter 6 Reached 2 Million Sales Milestone

Another Milestone Achieved!

Street Fighter 6 reviews were great, which gave fans an overview of what to expect from the game. It also became the best-selling game on Steam right after release, reaching an impressive 65k concurrent Steam users.

This set a new benchmark for fighting games on Steam, beating popular franchises like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. After a successful launch, Capcom has confirmed that Street Fighter 6 has sold over 2 million copies.

Why it matters: Street Fighter 5 was not a great launch from Capcom. While the game improved significantly after launch, the latest entry is already performing well in the first month.

Previously, it was revealed the game sold 1 million units in three days. This means the game has sold one million more copies in just over a month.

To thank the players, Capcom has promised a token of appreciation for them. The gaming giant has also released a new artwork featuring the popular character Juri.

The game’s impressive mechanics and accessibility options have ensured that it satisfies newcomers and hardcore fighting game fans. It also addressed much of the criticism from Street Fighter 5.

Currently, the game stands at a solid 92/100 score on Metacritic, making it one of the best releases in 2023.

The 2 million sales in just over a month are impressive, but Capcom has a target of 10 million sales. However, the game has been doing well, and this pace likely means that this target is not far-fetched.

Previously, Street Fighter 5 sold over 7 million copies, and Capcom hopes to sell 3 million more copies of Street Fighter 6.

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