Steam Deck: More Than 7100 Games Are Now Verified Or Playable

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Steam Deck Gets Even Better!

The Steam Deck is an incredibly innovative handheld gaming console. Many PC users have been impressed by the portable console’s utility, despite the compromises over a traditional PC or console setup. 

Valve has been highly successful with the Steam Deck, and the company is already planning a successor for the product. If this wasn’t enough news, we noticed that around 7124 games are now verified or playable on Valve’s latest handheld gaming console.

SteamDB Search Query Result of Verified and Playable Games
SteamDB Search Query Result of Verified and Playable Games

As per SteamDB, 2,709 games are verified, 4,415 are playable, and 2,469 are unsupported on the console. However, the number of playable games is likely even higher since the above figure is limited to SteamDB’s testing. 

Those unfamiliar with the Steam Deck should know that the playable titles can differ from game to game. These games are primarily playable with varying degrees of bugs and glitches. However, many of these games can be completed on the Steam Deck. 

Valve’s constant support has been one of the key reasons behind Steam Deck’s ongoing success. The company has been keen to resolve new and existing issues while continuing to work on game compatibility.

In December, Valve added games like Dark Souls 2 to the list of verified titles. It was previously reported that more than 50% of the top 100 Steam games are included in the playable or verified categories. Recent releases like High on Life can also be enjoyed on Steam Deck.

Steam Deck
Steam Deck Variants

Fans can expect even more supported games in the coming months. The number of playable games could be much higher when the next handheld iteration is ready, making the second generation even more compelling as a product.

Valve has recently stated that the successor to the Steam Deck is being worked on and will not bring substantial performance improvements. Instead, the company is focused on improving the user experience with elements like the screen and battery life.

Do you currently own a Steam Deck? Are you interested in portable PC gaming?

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